Easy Italian Crepe Recipe For Easter Dinner Of Home


Easy Italian Crepe prepared for Easter period

Easy Italian Crepe Swivels

Easy Italian Crepe is a viable alternative to traditional lasagna, cannelloni, and lasagna, which generally are prepared during the Easter period. Greedy swivels stuffed with bacon, mushrooms and soft cheese to enjoy with the whole family!

Easy Italian Crepe

Lasagna With Vegetables

Version “green” of the classic lasagna, you can prepare this recipe vegetarian taking advantage of spring vegetables to please everyone, even those who do not eat no meat or fish.

Light Lasagna With Ricotta And Spinach

In addition, who said that at Easter must necessarily prepare recipes “substantial”? With these lasagna can remain light without losing the taste, try it!

Ravioli Pasta Browse

Delicious appetizer made with puff pastry and tasty stuffed with cheese, meats and beans, a vegetable typical of spring and Easter. Given that should be eaten cold can be made in the morning and then served for lunch.

Easy Italian Crepe

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