Easy Tips to Maintain High Heels For Women’s Shoes 2022

High Heels Maintenance to use the right materials and high heels with accessories. High heels will give the impression of hot women. Lots of high heels

There are several kinds of selected high heels can be. Types of high heels will depend on the length or the height you want to use the right materials and of high heels.

High heels will give the impression of hot women. you must be careful in choosing the right height to fit the shape of your foot. Many women are now also collecting high-heeled shoes.

If you are a collector of high heels you should also know how to take care of your shoes so that you can still use them every chance.


Here are some tips that you can use if you want to take care of high heels shoes;


You should always cleanse your shoes from all the dirt on your shoes are. You can use warm water and a cloth to clean your high heels. Do not let dirt and residual water left behind because it will cause mildew on your shoes.


You have to smear with a special moisturizer for high heels. If your leather shoes then you must use a special moisturizer from leather high heels. If you do not have a humidifier then you can give hand body lotion on your shoes.


You can store all your high-heeled shoe collection in a plastic rack that meets and could also put into boxes that have been given some silica gel. The gel is useful to reduce moisture and humidity can keep your high heels. You can also prevent shoes from cockroaches.

If your high-heeled shoes are made of synthetic leather then you should do different treatments. Here are some tips you can do to take care of synthetic leather high heels.

First, you can clean up your heels with a brush so that dust can be lost. If the shoes are a little wet then you can use a dry cloth. Do not wash your heels with detergent because it will make the shoes fragile.

Both of you can dry your shoes with shoe air the way a shady place and enter into a shoebox.

You also have to be careful in treating high heels of other materials such as fabric or canvas. The high heels are pretty anymore.


You can find some more 13 tips below now.

Top 13 Tips: How High Heels Finally Sit Comfortably

There are plenty of reasons to resort to high heels. With our tips, that works without aching feet.

The dress for the birthday or the upcoming wedding will be perfect only with the matching shoe. But just for this occasion you stand a lot and puts z. T. also larger distances back. Anyone who knows the right tricks can still experience the evening in high heels without pain, bruises, and blisters. We betray how.

1. Do Not Buy High Heels Online

As convenient as online shopping is – if you are a retort, you should buy shoes better at the store. There you can try on several pairs and finally buy the pair that not only looks good but is also comfortable.

Here’s how to tell if a shoe is really comfortable.

2. Try-On Shoes In The Late Afternoon

Anyone who buys shoes in the morning does not like them. Only in the late afternoon should one decide for or against a pair, because then the feet are the longest and widest. Only then can you say with certainty, whether the shoes are comfortable or not.

3. Use Gel Deposits

In high heel shoes: Your feet are unnaturally loaded. Steam the sole with gel pads. Hoes and bales will thank you.

4. Choose Shoes With A Thicker Heel

If the heel is slightly more stable, you can distribute the weight more naturally over the entire foot. Running becomes so much easier. If a long day is coming, you should grab such a shoe.

With this trick, Kate Middleton can wear high heels every day

5. Stretch The Leg Muscles

Heel shoes force you into an unnatural attitude. Prepare your feet and legs by stretching your muscles before and after you wear them.

6. In The Freezer For The Perfect Fit

New shoes tend to tweak here and there or are still a bit tight. Stretch the new pair by putting a water-filled freezer bag in each shoe. The freezing compartment expands the freezing water and expands the shoes to a more comfortable fit.

7. Blow-Dry The Shoes Into Shape

An alternative to freezing is blow-drying. If the new shoes are too tight overall or in certain places, put on a slightly thicker sock, slip into the shoe, and blow-dry the sore spot. Due to the heat, the shoe will widen, so that you will no longer have any pain when wearing it.

8. Using Lip Balm Against Blisters

Especially new shoes often cause blisters. Rub the critical areas with some lip balm, then the entry remains without visible consequences.

9. Everything In Dry Towels

There are two insider tips against moisture in the shoe: Some baby powder or dry shampoo ensures pleasantly dry feet and long-wearing comfort.

10. Cohesion For More Comfort

A special trick is making the rounds on the Internet: Supposedly paragraph shoes should be much more comfortable if you stick together the third with the fourth toe (counted by the big toe) with a plaster.

11. Rough Times For The Sole

Make walking in heel shoes easier and, above all, safer by roughening the sole with sandpaper. So you do not have to be afraid of slipping.

12. Stop The Squeaking

Squeak your shoes; put some baby powder in them. Already you are on the quiet track again.

13. Gentle Descent

If you have spent a long day in high heel shoes, changing to flat shoes for the feet and leg muscles is a radical change. Gently reposition your body to normal foot posture by slipping into half-height shoes for a short time.

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