3 Easy Ways To Make Meals Healthier Quickly Adjust To a New Diet


Easy Ways To Make MealsHealthy easy ways to make meals It would seem, so easy to eliminate from the diet of harmful products, but easier said, than done. Therefore, we have found tricks that will help you to quickly adjust to a new diet.

Changing Trains

Perhaps, nothing makes us so often to retreat from its principles, like hunger: remember how many times you forget about everything at the sight of chocolates! Still, try to fix it again, the more junk food there is always much more useful alternative.

Instead of: chips in the middle of the day try fruit or yogurt.

At 15:00 local time and so want to take a nap … You’re not alone: at the time the body lacks energy, and we lean on chips and sweets. Fruit and yogurt will be a full replacement of them: the first increase blood sugar levels, the second contain few calories and still well-filled.

Instead of: chocolate bars in the ICP are limited to one slice.

Do not rush to veto sweet: you can afford it, but only in very limited quantities. By the way, a good alternative to sweets – chocolate mousse, which not a lot of calories. Enjoy it; refuel more useful products, such as bananas, fruit bread with ricotta, muffin on the basis of any fruit or granola.

Instead: refusal to eat breakfast before work egg.

The study British Journal of Nurtition proved, that people, who eat a morning protein (yogurt, eggs, nuts and seeds), rarely allow themselves too much during the day.

TIP The shops stay away from the supposedly light and low-calorie foods. Plus, do not hesitate to climb deep into the windows: it is there are usually hidden and fresh and healthy yogurt, cottage cheese and cheese.


It should not only be for those, what you eat, but how you do it. Several techniques can help you to behave at the table.

Cleanse area

Your kitchen is full of tempting, but absolutely harmful for the figure treats? Be ruthless to everything, which is dangerous: An audit of the refrigerator, throw bags of chips, semi-finished and boxes of dry breakfasts. Let them take place seasonal fruits with low glycemic index , various vegetables and lean foods , rich in proteins. It is also allowed to have snacks from untreated seeds – as a “lifeline “if you suddenly feel an uncontrollable attack of hunger.

Know your place

It’s no secret, that children and adolescents, who ceremoniously eat at the dinner table , are less prone to obesity. You, too, would do well to remember this, because the meal in a relaxed atmosphere – a guarantee, that you eat 30% less, than on the run. And turn off the box already – watching TV series “Grey’s Anatomy “swallow you up to 70% more and not even notice!

Do not scatter

food, expansions in various dishes , looks , of course , aesthetically pleasing , but this serving can lead to overeating. It is better to put a bit of everything in one dish , and see to it , that it took half vegetables , a quarter – whole grains or legumes, and the second – a protein-rich foods. Do not miss this moment of saturation – all, that will be eaten after, will not take long on the sides.

Figures Only

Daily drink 8 pieces of fruit and vegetables – it will help reduce the risk of heart attack by 30%.

65-100 grams of meat or poultry three times a week is enough, to be healthy. But as many fish enjoy, and the portion you can afford more impressive – about 80-120 g

30 grams of fiber – your daily rate to do it, start the morning with food, rich in soluble fiber (beans, oats, and barley). In addition, they are perfectly saturated, and therefore, help to reduce the total consumption of calories per day.

For the body to function properly, you need to consume 2100 calories a day. And 70% of them should fall on the morning and afternoon meals.

Remember the rule of three weeks, to any innovation has become a habit; you need to hold out for exactly 21 days. So, having decided to change the diet, be patient and do not give up!

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