Eating Too Fast Makes it Difficult to Lose Weight


Eating too fast, drink beverages that contain calories, stress … are some reasons why you failed in the process of slimming waistline.

Nutrition Deficiency

Regarding the diet for weight loss, the main principle is not so much to provide nutrients and to reduce carbohydrate and fat. But besides that, you also need to pay attention supplementation by enhancing vegetable, fresh fruit.

Nutrition deficiency not only makes the body tired but also arouses the appetite, making you hard to succumb to hunger.

Eating too fast
Vegetables and fruits are indispensable in the process of losing weight.

Eating too Fast

Sometimes the busy work you do not have much time for meals, eating quickly, eating times. However, if you want to lose weight, be sure to minimize this habit. An important principle to remember is that you do not skip meals and remember to chew while eating.
Eating Too Fast to Lose Weight

Drinks Contain Calories

Even though you have “said no” to foods rich in fat, refined flour but you forget that you still consume beverages containing more calories than necessary. You need to know a glass of juice can contain up to 400 calories while the unit a small glass of wine can contain up to 130 calories. Also, beer, coffee with sugar and cream are also drinks you should limit.

Eating Too Fast to Lose Weight-


Sometimes weight loss is mainly revolved around hormonal balance and reduces your stress hormone production process, which causes the body to store more fat. Try to control your stress, especially before meals. Even if you are doing proper diet, regular exercise, stress can hinder your weight loss process.

The Issue Of Training

Not any more movement and strength will help you lose weight quickly. The dietician said that daily exercise regimen and regular fit with the biology of humans is generally about 30-45 minutes / day.

Eating Too Fast to Lose Weight-01

Even healthy people should not exercise too much. If you spend about 2 hours continuous movement will lead to counterproductive, causing fatigue and overloading the joints. When you need a relative of carbohydrate, fat, protein to compensate.

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