Emma Watson has slow her image to the advertising campaign for the new makeup collection by Lancôme, In Love. The actress is radiant.

Emma Watson Asset Charm In Love Lancôme

A muse luxury Emma Watson has once again agreed to lend her image to Lancôme to celebrate the release of her new makeup line called In Love. The brand asserts moreover, that the actress of 22 years was the main inspiration for this collection.

“The origin of the collection In Love? A woman who loves what she is who knows what happiness means who lives in a colorful world, says Lancôme.

The young woman face of cosmetics brand since 2010 it was especially seen in the pub fragrance treasure Midnight Rose took the pose for the camera Marc Testino, renowned photographer in the world. “Spontaneous, fresh, playful, Emma Watson is the ideal ambassador Rouge In Love (lipstick shades available in 24 Ed.), Says the cosmetics brand. A killer smile a peach complexion a glamorous attitude … For this new campaign Emma Watson is radiant.

I’m so excited to represent In Love Red! Just when I start to put on lipstick. To me this act of appropriating femininity … The timing is perfect, she says. A ray of sunshine that Emma Watson.

Note that the range of makeup In Love whose release date is scheduled for early March will include nail polish, blush, lipstick and eyeliner.

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