Eva Mendes Is A Fashion Designer For Next Collection


Egeria “New York & Company” actress Eva Mendes announced, she is also embarking styling. It will draw a part of the next collection of the brand.

Eva Mendes Is A Fashion Designer

Eva Mendes Is A Fashion Designer 2

Like many other Celebes like Kate Bosworth, Nicole Richie, and Mary Kate Olsen, Pippa Middleton, Gwen Stefani … Eva Mendes also decided to get into fashion. A force to embody the face of many brands the muse seems to be empowering today and put forward her own creations. This is the brand “New York & Company” which will give him the opportunity. Even if the star has 18 months to accept this collaboration it now seems more than determined. In this regard, Eva Mendes says “I love it when things take time to develop.” Eva Mendes most lookers 2012 on the red carpet.

Eva Mendes Is A Fashion Designer 1

However, we know already that the collection will be called “Eva by Eva” and it will consist mainly of dresses and accessories designed by the actress. She wants to inspire its own style but also her various trips. Eva Mendes says “I have a lot of ideas but it is still too early to tell. This project takes me all my time but this is very positive. Inhabited by that I am everything I see becomes a design potential. “

The collection of Eva Mendes will be delivered four times a year and sold in shops New York & Co. Her creations will cost 10-15% more expensive than the rest of the brand because of the special fabrics they intend to use. However, prices remain affordable.

Eva Mendes Is A Fashion Designer

Greg Scott CEO of New York & Company also seems delighted with this collaboration. She said “We want it to influence this collection. Always wears she looks stunning on the red carpet and has a unique style. It has a real sense of fashion and when we look we see a woman who has confidence in her. “

Meanwhile, Eva Mendes does not forget the cinema it will soon appear in a film directed by her companion Ryan Gosling How to Catch a Monster. This is none other than “the man most wanted in the United States.”

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