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Almost every day I get questions about the shower that I use and its Eveline Celebrities eyeliner. This review I decided to write primarily to introduce you to an excellent and inexpensive product that impressed me in all possible ways.

A word or two about me and showers for years I use and only one of the classic with a thin brush. According to the experience in make up they told me proved to be the most accurate. I’ve tried all kinds of showers than those on the “marker” to “dip in” until the gel liner.

Eveline Celebrities Eyeliner

Some were fine but I use them more but I was pleased.

Eveline Celebrities Eyeliner 1

I have long used Bourjois and Essence showers with a brush and they were happy but when your Essence for a time withdrew from the market I decided to look equally inexpensive alternative and found it in Eveline Celebrities eyeliner for the price of only £ 22, you get a shower of top quality.

Eveline Celebrities Eyeliner -2

The fact that I spent the past six packs says enough about how pleased I am with it. On average we take a little less than two months of daily application and then begin to slowly dry and buy new when I was in Zagreb. I buy it at Kozmo in Importanne center and I think it is available in all stores run by Eveline decorative cosmetics.

Eveline Celebrities Eyeliner -3

It is much pigmented and sufficient one brush to paint is not black. Of course, this type of brush is a necessary skill but it acquires with time

As for stability, it is normal for a shower. It is not waterproof, so it will not stand tears and swimming but it will easily look intact when the end of the day you return home. Regardless of the good durability will not cause any problems when removing as for example gel liner, so you’ll be able to take off with ordinary makeup remover.

Eveline Celebrities Eyeliner -4

In short this is a great shower at an affordable price and with me all agree that it was on my recommendation bought

A final Look where I used it.

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