Essence Love Letters! The Trend Edition Make-up for Valentine’s Day


Essence Love Letters Trend Edition Make-up for Valentine’s Day

The cosmetics brand launches its Essence trend edition Valentine’s Day. This is how Love Letters, a limited range of products for make-up in romantic pastel shades & Sweet as a love letter.

Paper, pen and ink to spend a romantic love letter for Valentine’s Day? Better, eye shadows, eye pencils and nail to hang out the other half with special effects. This seems to be the Essence concept behind the launch of the brand new Love Letters, a trend edition full of products for make-up in the poetic pastel shades. So who would not feel too ferrata in writing will compensate with a nice make-up fresh and trendy.


Many available products:

a spoon with six eyeshadows, two eye pencils with Smudge two pencils/lipstick to shimmer effect, an illuminating powder undertone fished from 5 colored enamels, one Stampy set to decorate their nails with designs on the theme, a powder with mattifying effect, a small notebook where pinning most romantic thoughts.

Essence has thought of everything to impress their customers and adding to the trend edition also a product closely related to the make-up with more conviction he wanted to present itself as an option for Valentine gifts. At the bottom of the cosmetics is always a welcome thought the girls but they have the disadvantage of being temporary.

A small book of notes to the romantic theme instead is something more durable that it can also be a nice gift to give to friends. Summing up, Love Letters is a collection of very style teen for both colors for both proposals and to us, this is definitely a winning choice, as the soothing colors and the romantic packaging makes us just think of a teenage love of the past.

Maybe born in the classroom by writing messages of love in the diary!

Photos Source By Essence all you need

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