6 Tips Express Yourself With Neon Dresses Fashion


Neon colors still steal the show at this year’s neon dresses. The combination between blue color variant, lemonade yellow, orange salmon, pink, green and many more colors to create a fresh look for its users and for those who see it.

Although neon colors already in previous years, which differentiates it from previous years is the designer gives a touch of flare.

Then how to mix and match clothing color this?

Quite simply choose a neon colored items in one view adjust the colors are the theme of your appearance. Besides dress with neon colors many are also accessories that provide the color is like a scarf, bag or belt. Pair these accessories with a dark colored clothing or neutral to offset the neon colors of the accessories used.

Neon colors draw attention back in the world of fashion certainly not out of the role of renowned designers such as Oscar De La Renta and Christopher Kane. Although a trend in this year, there is to note that the use of fluorescent colors can enhance your appearance, not vice versa.

Here are tips to try:

01. Pair With A Neutral Color

Pair Neutral Color Neon Dresses

If you are using neon colored tops, you should use a neutral colored skirt because the mix of colors between the colors neon neutral make the most modern appearance.

02. Neon Leather

Neon Leather Skirt with neon shirt

Pair the skirt with neon shirt neutral colors. Do not be afraid to use neon colors. Customize with color Sometimes using bright colors make us even look weird. To outsmart unusual colors such as our skin suit with dark blue, to neon colors, use the electric blue color.

03. Try On Jewelry

Neon Jewelry

For users of fluorescent colors is enough to attract the attention of others because the color is quite bright. But in addition to the neon colored clothes, we also can use a necklace with neon colors are then combined with neutral color dress

04. Neon In The Face

Neon makeup Face

Neon colors can also be combined in the face but do not use two neon colors at once in the face.

05. Black Is Not Neutral

In the use of neon colors, not all neon colors can be combined with black

06. Neon In The Sling Bag

Neon In The Sling Bag

Neon bags can give the impression of modern and cool. Another type of bag if using neon colors will only impress. In addition to clothing, bags, and accessories, neon colors are also used in models of shoes a black dress and matching with jeans, if you want to use with high heeled sandals.

For men, also do not miss the neon color trend. Some designers have introduced their collection such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci, and Topman.

They brought out their collection at the stage runway Spring / Summer 2013, where they plan to use a lot of color neon color palette and bright colors. Neon colors may not match colors used in formal occasions, but neon colors make a man attractive and stylish if capable of mixing and matching different colors with the right combination.

Neon color is already booming in the year 1980/1990 and again draws the attention of the fashion world even not only for women’s clothing but also for men’s clothing But for women, neon colors can also be used as the office, for example, use fluorescent colors for accessories used clothing is clothing accessories in neutral colors so that you will be more prominent in appearance.

Express Yourself With Neon Dresses Fashion -3 Express Yourself With Neon Dresses Fashion

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