Eye Makeup Eyeliner For Beautiful Eyes Decoration Look Book


Eye makeup eyeliner also is important things to note. Eyeliner is a supporter of the perfect look but before you use eye make-up for this, you should know the types of eyeliner available.

Adjust also your eyeliner with personality. Adjust also use eyeliner to your eyelids. Eyeliner beautiful decoration can adorn and beautify the eyes.Eye Makeup eyeliner

The following types of Eye Makeup Eyeliner that can be your choice.

1. Eyeliner Crayon

One type of eyeliner that is characterized by rounded edges that form and the formation of a very thick line. For about the color, color is fairly dark eyeliner and dark.

Eye Makeup Eyeliner

For those of you who want the look of bold colors like Smokey eyes, it is very suitable if you use the eyeliner crayon.

2. Eyeliner Gel

The second type of eyeliner is very suitable for you who belong to a super busy woman. Because of its gel formula really durable.

Eyeliner GelThis gel eyeliner is not likely to be lost if exposed to water. This gel eyeliner is perfect for those who want a dramatic eye look.

3. Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid EyelinerEyeliner which one is suitable for you who want a variety of creations lines the eyes. Ends in the form of a brush and apply somewhat difficult for beginners.


However, the benefits of this eyeliner are the easiest in the creation of it, to establish various forms of line. To apply the eyeliner, you have to do is start a line drawn from the tip of the eye line.

4. Eyeliner Pencil

Eyeliner which one is perfect for the casual look of the eyes & Pencil shape and easiest to apply for starters, you are in for further simplify its use, first make the points in the line of your eyelid, then pull slowly.

Eyeliner Pencil

You need to know that the formula of this pencil eyeliner tends to easily and quickly mix with eyeshadow.

5. Eyeliner Marker

Eyeliner MarkerThe trick to using this is to apply eyeliner marker of the area within the line of the eye. Then press a little and form a line to the outside. The form of eyeliner is very similar to the marker pen.


You can use this to create thick or thin lines. The use of the pen tip, you can customize your wishes on the terms of each.

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