Eye Makeup For Hijabers, Women Referred Hijab Fashion

Eye Makeup For Hijabers

Today women can still look attractive even using Hijab. The user is then referred to as the hijab Hijabers. The development of fashion has made Hijabers can experiment with a variety of clothing and makeup.

One of the makeup tips that must be considered by Hijabers is how to make good eye makeup. You have to adjust your outfit with eye makeup. By reading this article, you will get some tips to make the best eye makeup.

Women will look excited if their right eye makeup. Here is some information you should know before you apply eye makeup.

First, many women who have different eye shapes. This makes you have to apply a different makeup. You have to disguise these differences in order to make your eyes the same as.

How to disguise different eyes?

Eye Makeup For Hijabers 1You can use a rather thick eyeliner around the eyes or you can also use false eyelashes to make your eyes look more alike.

Secondly, many women who face eye shape tends to fall. This can be avoided and can be covered with the right makeup.

You can use scotch so that your eyes look high. You can choose a black or dark colored eyeliner.

Third, for those who have narrow eyes you should do eye makeup to make eyes look bigger. Many who do not have slanted eyes crease. You must refrain from the use of eyeliner is long.

Fourth, women also often lack confidence when the eye has a rather far apart. You have to disguise eyebrow shape and far apart with use brightly colored eyeshadow.

For those of you who wear Hijab, of course, you should not use colors that are not bright. Your eyes will be covered later with the appearance of hijab and accessories.

Hence using false eyelashes and a bold and bright colors can be the best solution.

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