Best Eye Makeup Posts – How to Use Fool-Proof Formula


Learn how to make beautiful eye makeup. Proper makeup can visually change the shape of the eyes, make them smaller or larger, and help give expression to the look. We have collected for you amazing eye makeup options that look stylish, and fashionable and do not require professional training. You can do it!

Makeup for the evening can be very different – from natural to sharply extravagant. Choose according to your taste.

Best Eye Makeup

You don’t have to be a professional makeup artist or a beauty guru to get amazing results. The ability to use brushes is enough, to understand how a corrector differs from a concealer and why a highlighter is needed.

We have collected makeup ideas that were popular in 2022 and will be interesting in 2022. Find what you like, get inspired, and create your own unique style.

20+ Eye Makeup Ideas

Pink Gold Eye Makeup

Apply a pink tone closer to the eyelashes, and blend the golden one over the moving eyelid.

Emerald and Chocolate Eye Makeup

makeup ideas for brown eyes

Matte brown shadows on the upper eyelid, and rich emerald on the lower eyelid: it looks especially cool on the owners of brown and green eyes.

Pearl Haze Eye Makeup

Using the technique of applying classic smokey eyes, replace dark shadows with pastels and mother-of-pearl: the look will be young and fresh!

Black Tea Eye Makeup

eye makeup ideas

By adding a little copper pigment to the brown shadows, you will get a very trendy tone of freshly brewed black tea this summer.

Black and Violet

eye makeup ideas

A graphic wide black arrow looks very impressive if you apply gentle violet shadows on your eyelids.

Wing Arrows

arrow eye makeup ideas

Extend the arrow by 1-1.5 cm beyond the outer corner of the eye: simple and effective.

Wild Plum

eye makeup ideas without arrows

Super trendy bright makeup for the most daring: blend plum shadow around the eyes.


unusual eye makeup ideas

With the help of a bronzer, you can make cool and simple makeup. It will look especially gentle if you refuse mascara.

Gold Placers

eye makeup ideas 2022

By emphasizing the lash line with golden shadows, you will visually enlarge your eyes.

Splashes of champagne

bright eye makeup ideas

A dewy champagne finish eyeshadow is the perfect version of a trendy nude look.

Lilac and lavender

makeup ideas for green eyes

The perfect combination of shades especially suits gray and blue eyes.

Coral Eye Makeup

eye makeup ideas

All shades of orange are at the height of fashion this summer. Coral is one of the most interesting.

Metallic Eye Makeup

unusual eye makeup ideas

Shadows with a metallic sheen are the absolute hit of the season.

Matte Arrows

bright eye makeup ideas

And at the same time, a couple of tones lighter than the shadows – an unusual and very interesting trend.


makeup ideas for green eyes

Blending orange shadows from eyelashes to eyebrows, create the illusion of the morning sky.

Wet asphalt

eye makeup ideas 2022

Dark shadows with a high concentration of pigment – only matte!

Asymmetrical Lashes

eye makeup ideas

If you want eyelash extensions without looking old-fashioned or pretentious, opt for asymmetrical eyelash extensions.

Smoky + Glitter

beautiful eye makeup ideas

Makeup will become less heavy and pretentious if you apply a little shine over the shadows.

Pure Nude

makeup ideas for brown eyes

Perfect brow and some skin shadows. Purity and naturalness.

Ashen Rose’s

bright eye makeup ideas

The combination of gray and pink pigments in itself is very harmonious, but if you use shadows with a wet texture and touch the cheekbones with a highlighter, the effect will exceed all expectations.

20+ step-by-step instructions for simple and elegant Eye makeup

The morning after the party

As if a slightly oily make-up looks very modern

Slightly sloppy eye makeup, as if made a few hours ago, gives the image ease – and this is very much in trend.

  1. So, to repeat this image, you first need to create the effect of a perfectly clean face, limiting yourself to a tonal tool and refusing to contour.
  2. On the eyelids, apply a base under the shadows or cover them with a thin layer of concealer. Then put light silver shadows on the entire moving eyelids – this can also be done with your finger for more naturalness.
  3. Underline the growth line of the upper lashes with a soft black pencil and do not forget to carefully paint over the space between the lashes.
  4. Blend the resulting line with a small brush and add graphite shadows with a metallic sheen, bringing a little shading behind the eyelid.
  5. Eyelashes can be left unpainted – as you can see, in the photo, the glitter from the shadows crumbled onto the eyelashes, which only enhances the effect of the already “old” makeup.
  6. Eyebrows also leave natural. If they are rare, then you can paint over the missing hairs with a pencil or apply tinted mascara, but the shape should be natural – so it is better to refuse styling eyebrow gel.

Emerald Arrows

Evening makeup in emerald tones suits eyes of any color

Lady Gaga demonstrated the idea of ​​​​bright evening eye makeup, made in green tones. It is suitable for girls with not very pale skin without a reddish undertone. We tell you how to do this evening makeup in stages.

  1. First, you need to carefully mask any skin imperfections, as bright eye makeup will emphasize them.
  2. To create a gradient on the eyes, a palette in greenish tones is useful. With the darkest emerald shade, emphasize the outer corner of the eye
  3. Draw an arrow with the same shadows. It is more convenient to do this with creamy textures. If you have a make-up fixative spray, you can use it to apply dry shadows in a wet way.
  4. All the same, color underlines the lower eyelid.
  5. Adjust the arrow with a brush with a little concealer.
  6. In the middle of the eyelid, you need to apply a light green shade, and golden shadows on the inner corner of the eye (they can be replaced with a highlighter).
  7. Lightly blend the line.
  8. Apply a light pencil to the lower mucosa.
  9. Thickly paint your eyelashes with mascara, and if you have the appropriate skill, glue bunches of false eyelashes in the outer corner of the eye.
  10. To prevent the makeup from looking too theatrical, paint your lips with a calm shade of lipstick. Ready!

Purple Arrow

Purple makeup is just made for brown and green eyes.

If you are not new to creating arrows, then this option will suit you perfectly, catch the idea of ​​​​creating spectacular makeup for green and brown eyes! Drawing an amethyst arrow is not so difficult, just follow the step-by-step instructions.

  1. First of all, you need to apply light satin shadows on the upper eyelid.
  2. Emphasize the crease of the eyelid and the outer corner with a darker shade, and apply a small amount to the hollow at the inner corner – this will make the eyelid more voluminous and the eyes larger.
  3. Draw an arrow with purple eyeliner or gel shadows.
  4. Add some highlighter to the inner corner of the eye.
  5. Cover your lashes with voluminous mascara.

A Precious Metal

Golden shades make the look truly chic.

If you don’t know what shadows to make up for the evening, the answer is gold. They go with any eye color and always make the look luxurious.

  1. As usual, in evening make-up you can not do without a tonal foundation.
  2. Apply golden shadow on the upper and lower eyelids.
  3. Shade “coffee with milk” emphasize the crease of the eyelid and the outer corner.
  4. In the inner corner – the lightest shade.
  5. Golden shadows can be slightly shaded with a champagne shade.
  6. Draw a line along the upper lashes with a black pencil.
  7. Cover your lashes with mascara and add false lashes if you like.
  8. Paint the lower mucosa with a gold or bronze pencil.
  9. Add shimmering blush to your skin, and accentuate your lips with pinkish lipstick.

Aquamarine Eye Makeup

The mucosa underlined with a colored pencil is one of the latest evening makeup trends.

And here is an interesting makeup idea for blue and gray eyes. It has an interesting accent in the spirit of the latest trends – a colored pencil on the mucous. We’ll show you how to repeat it.

  1. In general, this evening’s make-up is quite restrained, so you can take any nude shadows for the eyelid. Cover the upper and lower eyelids with a medium shade.
  2. A darker shade – in the outer corner and a little along the lower lashes. Don’t forget to blend everything gently.
  3. Highlight the inner corner of the eye with light shadows.
  4. Let’s move on to the main “chip” of makeup. Apply a blue, blue or blue-green pencil to the lower mucosa. You can also slightly shade it on the lower eyelid.
  5. Carefully paint over the eyelashes and emphasize the eyebrows.

Strawberry Gum

A soft pink shade will be an unusual, but effective solution for the evening.

Evening makeup does not have to be extremely bright. For example, here is an idea for bright and light make-up, which will not be difficult to perform.

  1. Apply soft pink shadow on the upper eyelid. Better if they are with a slight glow.
  2. Put a highlighter in the inner corner.
  3. Paint your eyelashes thickly.
  4. Add some natural blush and peach glossy lipstick. That’s all!
  5. With such make-up, it is better to make a smooth hairstyle so that all attention is riveted to the face.

Red Eyeliner

Eye and lip makeup in similar tones looks whole and harmonious

We are convinced (and the best celebrity makeup artists too) that the red tint on the eyelids does not make the look tired in the least, as previously thought. The main thing is to use it correctly. Read how to make incredibly stylish evening makeup step by step.

  1. So that red does not emphasize skin imperfections, you need to carefully work with the tone. Apply foundation and hide blemishes and blemishes with concealer.
  2. Accentuate your cheekbones with bronzed blush with a tan effect.
  3. With bright red eyeliner or gel shadows, draw a noticeable line along the upper eyelid.
  4. The main life hack is to thickly make up your eyelashes with dark mascara. This is a very important step, which will not allow the red eyeliner to give the eyes an inflamed look.
  5. Work well under the eyes with concealer.
  6. Emphasize the eyebrows so that they are bright enough, but retain a natural look.
  7. For lips, it is better to choose coral lipstick or gloss. No need to draw a clear outline – let it be slightly shaded.

Royal Blue Aquamarine Eye Makeup

The depth of blue is enhanced by decorations in the same range.

Blue goes well with any color of eyes. Look how stylish he looks in this make-up with a single, but such a spectacular accent.

  1. In this evening make-up, a base under the shadows is required so that they do not crumble, blend well and last a long time.
  2. Take cream shadows of rich blue color and boldly circle the eye along the contour.
    It is not necessary to paint eyelashes with mascara, but you can do this if you wish.
  3. Work on your eyebrows with the products you usually use.
  4. Make light contouring by applying the sculptor under the cheekbones and along the periphery of the face.
  5. To enhance the effect, you can wear earrings with blue elements. The shade on the eyelids will become stunningly expressive.

Red Lips

Red lipstick – a classic evening make-up

We really love evening make-ups, wearing bright lipstick perform solo. It always looks stylish and relevant. The most important aspect of this look is to choose the right shade of red for you. Everything else is extremely simple.

  1. Do not skip all the stages of face preparation – care, tonal foundation, concealer. The skin should look healthy and radiant.
  2. Apply a nude shade of eyeshadow – but you can leave the eyelid bare.
  3. Paint your eyelashes with black mascara.
  4. Give your eyebrows the desired shape with a fixing gel.
  5. Line your lips with long-lasting red lipstick, and apply a highlighter to the check mark above your upper lip.
  6. Add the same lipstick to your cheekbones as a blush. Can be set over dry blush.
  7. Smoothly clean your hair – and the image is ready.

Cherry and Gold

Emphasis on lips and eyes at the same time – not a taboo for a long time

Red lipstick can be used not only as the only accent. We propose to draw attention not only to the lips, but also to the eyelids. Pay attention – makeup artists do not use mascara in many modern evening make-ups, but you can neglect this advice.

  1. Apply golden shadow all over the eyelid. You can first use a cream texture, and fix dry on top.
  2. Slightly underline the upper eyelash contour with a brown or black pencil.
  3. Paint your lips with a wine shade of lipstick.
  4. Lightly touch the cheekbones with blush.
  5. Evening express make-up is ready to attract admiring glances!

Luxury Resort

A seductive look with bronze skin and eye-catching arrows is perfect for a summer party.

In our opinion, one of the best evening makeup for the summer! The image turns out “for a million”, and the girl looks like a siren, ready to break hearts.

  1. For this evening’s make-up, you will need to create the effect of tanned skin. Use the bronzer generously, highlighting the protruding parts of the face – the back of the nose, the chin, and the highest point of the cheekbones (all this, of course, must be applied over the tonal base).
  2. It will not be superfluous to add radiance to the skin with a highlighter.
  3. Then take cream shades of aqua color. Cover the entire upper eyelid with them, drawing a clear border. Correct the line with concealer. There will be no shading in this evening’s eye makeup.
  4. Draw a long and wide arrow with the same shadows.
  5. Paint your eyelashes and apply nude lipstick on your lips.
  6. To emphasize the high cost of the image, put on jewelry made of the yellow metal.

Wine Marsala

Wine shades add a noble look to makeup

In this unusual evening make-up, the shades on the eyes and lips echo each other. Rich wine color makes the image noble and refined. Make-up will best emphasize the beauty of girls with dark eyes and hair.

  1. Apply light shadows to the entire upper eyelid.
  2. Emphasize the crease with darker shadows and draw a light feathered arrow with them.
  3. Line the upper lash line with a brow pencil and continue the line on the inner eyelid,
    drawing a sharp corner in the Arabic style.
  4. Apply wine shadow to the lower eyelid and blend lightly.
  5. Lips make up lipstick of a similar shade.
  6. Use mascara and enjoy your extraordinarily beautiful evening make-up.


Pastel palette – an unusual solution for evening makeup

If you prefer soft light colors and do not like arrows, here is an idea for gentle makeup without arrows. It is suitable for girls with blue eyes, fair skin, and hair. To do it correctly, just follow our step-by-step instructions.

  1. Give your brows a soft round shape.
  2. Apply matte light blue eye shadow on the upper eyelid. Put them on the lower eyelid, starting from the middle.
  3. Take a greenish shade and apply from the line of the eye socket and above, blend everything well.
  4. Put the highlighter in the inner corner.
  5. Cheekbones need to be intensively emphasized with a pink blush.
  6. Apply natural lipstick on your lips. Apply brown mascara to your eyelashes or leave them completely unpainted.

Double Arrow

Unusual arrows are in the top beauty trends this season

Dedicated to graphics lovers! This evening makeup is easy to do if you use eyeliner confidently. Take a gel eyeliner or a liner in the form of a felt-tip pen and first draw a regular arrow with a short trip. Then draw an “Arabic” corner at the inner eyelid and continue the line above the first arrow. Both lines should run parallel to each other – the result will be like a forked arrow.


Duochrome shadows instantly make the look evening and dressy.

For this beautiful evening make-up, you will need trendy duo-chrome shadows. This is a texture that contains two shades that shimmer, replace each other in different lighting conditions, and create a hologram effect. Apply these shadows to the upper and lower eyelids. Underline the inner corner of the eye with a light shade of shadows, and the lower mucosa with a metallic pencil. Line your lashes and apply neutral lipstick on your lips.

Copper Arrows

The best makeup artists in the world love to add metallic shades to their work.

Running out of arrow eye makeup ideas? Try evening makeup with a copper-colored arrow. It will suit blue, gray and green eyes. Paint over the entire upper eyelid with cream shadows, draw a wide arrow and emphasize the inner corner. Apply mascara to your lashes and you’re done. Instead of copper, you can use any shade of metallic shade.

Glitter Amethyst

Purple shadows best emphasize the beauty of brown and green eyes.

For this beautiful evening make-up, you will need three shades of shadows. At the same time, it will not look too colorful, since one saturated tone is the soloist – purple.

  1. Apply a complex purple shade to the upper and lower eyelids.
  2. Blend them with gray shadows, and then complete the elongated shape with a coffee shade.
  3. Draw a line along the upper lashes with a black pencil.
  4. Color the lower mucosa with a purple pencil.
  5. The final stage is mascara and a highlighter in the inner corner.

Shadows + Arrow

With such catchy makeup, it is enough to make up your lips with a calm shade of lipstick.

This intricate evening eye makeup must be done very carefully – it does not forgive flaws.

  1. On the eyelids to create a gradient effect. Apply dark shadows to the outer corner and a simple elongated shape. Underline the lower eyelid with the same shade.
  2. On the center of the eyelid and the inner corner, apply light shining shadows.
  3. Lightly blend everything with a sandy shade. Don’t forget about the lower eyelid.
  4. Draw an arrow with a cream eyeliner and continue the line on the upper eyelid – you should get a delineated corner.
  5. Paint over the eyelashes and apply a brown pencil to the lower mucosa.
  6. Thoroughly clean the area under the eyes with concealer to remove any traces of the crumbled shadow.


Use the eyelid as a canvas to mix different contrasting shades – you will get relevant and unusual evening make-up.

Performing this unusual evening make-up, unlike the previous one, the shadows can be applied more casually, like strokes of paint. Outline the eye contour with a gray or light brown pencil. Put the blue tint on the outer corner, and add blue glitter on top. Underline the lower eyelid with nude shadows, and let light shadows with a light peach undertone shine in the inner corner. Blend all the shades so that they look like a soft haze. Outline the lower mucosa with the same pencil that was used along the contour. Make up your eyelashes and go to the party fully armed.

Evening Eye Makeup for different eye colors

Are you ready to create an on-trend eye makeup that matches the clear natural look? Below, we will share the most beautiful natural eye makeup. So grab your eyeshadow palette and go for it!

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