Eye Makeup in Five Steps


The look is a weapon of seduction; a lot of emotions go through the eye. So eye makeup and give you a fascinating look. Here are eight simple steps to make up your eyes and have a smoldering gaze.

Eye Makeup in Five Steps
Level of difficulty Easy
Time: 8 minutes

1. Start by applying concealer unfortunately many of us are affected by the problem of dark circles (heredity, lack of sleep, fatigue …) that is why this step is indispensable. Apply three drops of concealer under each eye. Spread out starting from the inner corner of the eye where the skin tends to be darker towards the outer corner. Spread the concealer but without rubbing patting gently. The application is a brush if the concealer is in stick form and if the finger is in fluid form.

2. Apply the base foundation “based prémaquillage” on your eyelid. The base color is the essential step that will create a protective film to protect the skin from makeup, pollution … and set makeup for hours.

3. To intensify the look, highlight the eyelids of a pencil, level of eyelashes. Draw a thin line from the inner corner of the eye towards the outer corner. You can utilsez for it is a kohl pencil, or just the darker color of your eyeshadow.

4. Apply eyeshadow: Choose three colors of eye shadow of the same color tone, taking into account the color of your eyes and hair. What colors choose eyeshadow? you are going to work to have a nice rainbow.
First apply the highlighter over the eyelid, spread the eye upwards with brush. Then apply the paint color on the eyelid average and finish by applying the dark shadow in the hollow of the eye or the so-called banana.

5. Finish with the application of mascara, makeup lashes upwards; apply mascara on lower lashes as well as your upper eyelashes. You can also curl your lashes in one utilsant curlers.

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