Eye Makeup Tutorial with 9 Basic Techniques Step By Step


How To Apply Eye Makeup Tutorial Step By Step

Eye makeup tutorial is one of the techniques most complex makeups in place all the makeup on the face. There are many different methods for eye makeup for each case depending on the event, every eye shape, skin and even facial structure. Despite this eye makeup tutorial covers the following basic steps that you will definitely have to apply in any case and any type makeup.

01. Cleaning skin before makeup. Eye makeup tutorial is effective or not depends very much on the background skin on the face, particularly noticeable in facial cleansing process that is to clean all traces of mascara or eyeliner left over. If you have difficulty in getting rid of old makeup streaks, you might consider using cold water and lotion combined with a cotton swab to clean the skin with makeup stubborn stains.

Eye makeup tutorial

If you have dry skin look eye makeup tutorial for dry skin to moisten the entire skin surface before performing way below eye makeup.

02. Creating a base for the skin around the eye area. Use the concealer to hide the bruises on the skin around the eye area including canards.

Creating a base for the skin around the eye area

03. Use makeup eyelids. You can use one color or more depending on circumstances and events you will attend. Here are 3 basic color schemes for eye makeup.

Use makeup eyelids

  • Use a medium color on the eyelid. Eyelid skin that extends from the lower lashes to brow bone, medium color brown is typical.
  • Use a light color on the brow bone. The proposed colors including white, yellow or white pearls.
  • Use dark colors on the eye wrinkles especially on the corners of the eyes, use purple or other dark brown to apply on the skin.

04. Neutralize colors for eye makeup. If you use more than one color for eye makeup, use cotton, finger or makeup brush to lightly massage and have a few turns doing makeup neutral colors to avoid makeup too obvious and not smoother.

05. Use eyeliner. You can use water eyeliner, pencil liner is the color of water even makeup to cover imperfections of the skin above or below the lashes on charges and lower lashes.

Apply eyeline with dark brown

06. Bending eyelashes. Cilia bend is one way makeup helps create a personality for the eyes, use the brush to bend dedicated to this work, candy eyelash curlers on and bend then hold it for 5 seconds.

Bending eyelashes

The curved eyelashes prior to applying mascara you use, if you apply mascara after using highly effective and will not reduce the lifetime Lashes .

7. Use mascara to makeup for the eyes. You can use more or less depending on your preference and mascara is used, they have volume, length and definition differently. Using specialized tools broom to sweep mascara on eye lashes on both the top and bottom, then are scanned so dedicated comb to comb the lashes a few turns in the direction from bottom to top.

Use mascara to makeup for the eyes

The best posture to use mascara as you sit in front of the mirror, against an elbow down on the dressing table and use that hand to sweep mascara.

Neutralize colors for eye makeup


Eye makeup tutorial is not simple, if the first time you make this eye makeup for it will not be perfect, they should practice many times to raise your makeup techniques.

Make pastels remove makeup before going to bed in the solution are encouraged to use creams and moisturizers to help skin regeneration and recovery while you are sleeping.

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