Eye Patch For Yours Beauty eye


Perfect makeup, time saving ease of use comes straight from the States, the eye patch or eye shadow makes our neighbors mad across the Atlantic. These are the kinds of decals for the eyelids. Already exists for nails, we know, we love. So here they are for your eyes.

Eye Patch For Yours Beauty eye

On the sticker, there’s a makeup that you apply directly printed on the eye for the technical aspect, the sheet must be at each end and align the inner corner of the sheet with the inner corner of the right eyelid.

Then just rub the leaf on the lid and remove the foil. Gentle all finally at your fingertips.

If your eyes are blue or gray tints Take caramel, purple, taupe, gray smoke.

If you’re not blonde, black and slate also agree. Avoid absolutely green and blue.

If your eyes are brown or brown, all shades of brown for you. Browns come in a multitude of colors and you are spoiled for choice. Forget the gray and black.

If your eyes are green, using shades of lilac, gray, purple, gray and warm brown.

Outlaw blue and green. The lilac is the most interesting because it highlights the green of the iris.

The big news, so this is the eyeshadow in stickers.
This innovative concept is still shy in France. We begin to find some shops in makeup.

It is relatively easy to apply but do not miss either, otherwise you quickly end up with the black eye …

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