Eyebrow Trend in 3 Steps For A Perfect Eyebrow

Eyebrow Trend in 3 Steps For A Perfect Eyebrow
Eyebrow Trend in 3 Steps For A Perfect Eyebrow

Eyebrow Thick and dense eyebrows are again the trend of the season. But bushy eyebrow does not mean neglected. They must look natural, they are actually quite worked & our advice to adopt it without eyebrow autumn beauty faux pas.

The bushy eyebrows and imposing the squat catwalks for a few seasons & this fall; she will still be one of the leading trends in the beauty world. Finished waxing frantic, time is the return of hair. But beware, this does not mean that one should not take care of. Instead, the work of the eyebrow, a real part of the eye, is now as important as the eye makeup. Natural appearance, she asks a lot of attention.



Yes, the eyebrows are fashionable, like Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins, but that does not mean we should leave the closet her tweezers. Not the eyebrow neglected. If the thickness is kept, it is essential to clean all the hair beyond the arcade. The line must be neat and clean. It also shaves the sides. To know where to begin the eyebrow pencil is placed against the nostril. To know where it should end, forming another imaginary line between the base of the nostril and the outer corner of the eye. It cleans everything beyond those lines. However, it does not touch the top of the eyebrow.

Finally, do not try to redraw her eyebrows, change their form and especially we respect their natural line. If we get too far, the result may not get us. Maintenance also will become more difficult. However, it ensures that the inner part of the eyebrow is thicker than its tail; even a little if needed refine the tip of the line.

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Eyebrow makeup is as important as that of the eye. This helps standardize the line but also to give consistency to the eyebrows too light, the thickness to a sparse line and fill holes mittee one eyebrow. We start by brushing eyebrows base to tip in the direction of hair growth. Then redraw the line with a pencil or specific powder, chosen in the same color as her eyebrows. For a successful make it hatch light touch. It fulfills the sparse areas and fills small holes. We finish by brushing again with the eyebrow brush to blend the color. It will be better to blend with the hair and the result will be more natural.

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All this work will prove useless if you have the eyebrow frieze. They are rebels; coarse or very long, eyebrows tend to go in all directions. It is therefore necessary to fix them with a specific gel for flawless results. These gels are often in the same form as mascara. We then cover the eyebrow in the direction of the hair with the brush to the discipline for the day. If you do not gel on hand, you can also spray the paint on a brush and comb her eyebrow & little tip from pro sting without hesitation.

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