How to Apply Eyelashes ProperlyHow to apply eyelashes properly as like a star look. You desire to own lashes curved and soft like the stars? Let’s learn how to take care of the following.


Provide sufficient nutrients to the lashes, you will help them stay healthy and avoid the loss of regular. Cheap cosmetics that suit most eyelash cream Vaseline. The nutrients in the cream not only protects but also a longer fast mi. In addition, you can use almond oil to enhance care for eyelashes every night before bed.

Choosing The Right Type Of Mascara

How to improve quickly is to use eyelash mascara so choosing the right type of mascara also play a very important role with your lashes. You should choose what kind of vitamins and minerals to both the beauty of eyelashes, help eyelashes long fast & these two products in one so very handy and worth the price.

Stimulate Eyelash Growth Cream

Currently, the markets there are many cosmetic creams contain rich vitamins and nutrients necessary for the process to grow eyelashes.

Taking Care Of Eyelashes

The strong eye rubbing or too strong effect on the eyelashes can make them break and fall quickly than ever before. If you feel discomfort in the eye, rub lightly with your finger or soft tissue. In addition, the use of the clamp bending mi often also too strong impact on the eyelashes.

How to Apply Eyelashes Properly Reasonable Diet

Reasonable diet determines the health of all your body parts, including delicate pair of eyelashes. If you do not add enough vitamins and minerals, eyelashes will quickly fall and grow more slowly. Drink plenty of water and addition of vitamin C, E, H and B complex to your diet.

Stay Away From Fake Eyelashes

Although false eyelashes can help you look attractive property immediately but they do terrible damage to the real lashes. The glue to paste false eyelashes will be a very strong impact on your real lashes. Not to mention they can cause loss of eyelashes so when you peel false eyelashes. In addition, they are easy to irritate to its contour mi and create unnecessary side effects.

Regular Eye Makeup Remover

Before going to bed, do not ever forget the clean facial makeup in general and in particular eye. The way eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow if in the eyes for too long can cause eye irritation and damage to the lashes. In addition, in order to secure absolute lashes, you should choose non-alcoholic remover.

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