Fall Winter Fashion Week 2018-2019: 25 Trends To Follow


Fashion Week is not just about the creators who make their show. It is also the fashion trends fall winter 2018-2019 that parade. The opportunity for us to get an idea of the styles to adopt. Strong pieces, seasonal colors and fashion accessories, find the deciphering of winter fashion trends spotted on the catwalks!

The Fashion Shows Of Fashion WeekWhat’s good with the Fashion Week at the beginning of the year is that we are talking about fall winter fashion trends without having set foot in the spring yet.

So, in February, we already know what fashion sauce we will be eating in September.

Decoding of the fashion shows for a real identification of the new fashion trends of the winter, in preview!

Fall Winter Fashion 2018-2019: Trends

In the fashion department, we find the cape. This season, she invites herself everywhere and not just on the coats of winter. The cape, the creators see it on the dresses the tops of season. Result? Fashion pieces like UFOs.

This winter, the cuts are modern. There is volume on the sleeves obviously. There are fluid cuts. And then, there is the big return of the bustier. He will be unanimous on trendy dresses and blouses.

The tile clings to the pieces of our dressing room, so much so that we give it a name: the colorful plaid. Because the tile is as classic as before. On trouser suits and mid-season jackets, she reinvents herself in pink, yellow and blue.

Trendy colors fall winter 2018-2019

One thing is certain: this winter will be pop or will not be. No more black and gray. This season, if the blue sky is hidden under the greyness, there will always be our clothes to remind us of the colors of spring.

The yellow and pink, already well present in fashion trends spring summer 2018, will put the cover. Chick yellow on our winter sweaters and pants pink fuchsia, addicted to color will be delighted.

Pastel Will Give Way To Bright Red

Hermetic bright colors can fall back on silver brighter than gray and less engaged than canary yellow. And then for the courageous but not reckless, it remains the color “rust”. Between the saffron and the red, this shade will also be one of the essential colors of the next season.

The Prints And Trendy Materials Of Winter 2018

You’ve already heard about it in the beginning of paper: this season, the tile is king. More modern, it is everywhere. So, unsurprisingly, it is found on ready-to-wear pieces but also on fashion accessories such as shoes and handbags.

Like every season, you will find the flowers print. As popular as the black dress, it’s a star and it’s hard to get tired of it. In winter, the flowers are invited in our dressing room for our greatest pleasure.

On the material side, it’s the big return of silk. And with him, that of pressing costs too. The diktat of fashion decided that way. On winter dresses and blouses, the maxi silk is his law. And that’s all.

The creators also take advantage of the fall winter collections to put the sequin back on the scene. Result? Sequin shoes and sequined pants.

And then, the fake fur. She has been trying to regain her nobility for a few seasons already. This winter, she will try her luck again. Faux fur sleeves or faux fur shoes, we do not adopt the total look but we opt instead for some fashion details.

What Will Be The Trends Fall Winter Shoes 2018-2019?

The fashion shows of Fashion Week are also an opportunity to discover what we will put on next season. In the shoe department, you will not be disappointed. The creators have something for everyone.

The boots adopt the “Angled Heels“, a form of comfortable heels slightly inclined. The shoes, they, adopt the “kitten heels”, a form of miniature stiletto heels.

The shy ones will be able to opt for flat boots like Dr. Martens © which come back in force.

Finally, this season, the shoes will play with the details. For the winter, it’s the big knot that dresses shoes, flat sandals and derbies.

Now that you’re ready for what’s waiting for you this fall, you just have to find your style.

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