Fashion Mistakes! The 5 Mistakes To Never Do In Dressing


Fashion Mistakes! It would be nice to feel good all over, but it is not so, here are 5 mistakes to never do in dressing

It would be nice to be comfortable with everything, buy all the things we like best and wear them freely without worrying about anything, unfortunately that are not how the world works and each of us has to deal with their physical, strengths and weaknesses, that there is good and what makes us awkward or vulgar. But there are things that should be avoided regardless, errors (and horrors!) That every woman should absolutely avoid.

Let’s see the 5 mistakes to never do in the dressing and to which we must always pay attention.

The Tight Pants In Intimate Areas

Tight Pants In Intimate Areas

The technical term for this problem is ” camel hoof “or tdc, ie that effect which occurs when jeans, leggings, leggings or pants are too tight, at that point , and they go to mark an intimate area which should be well covered and hidden. This error is bad for you, but also embarrassing for those who see it … a good look in the mirror and try not to go out in these conditions.

Visible Underwear

Visible underwear

On the catwalk they do and even celebrities often go around half nak*d, but this is not our problem … go around with bra or slip in sight is not good, it’s vulgar and inelegant. If you want you can take advantage of a little ‘the effect of “I do not see “but always without exaggeration, are fine t-shirts that reveal the semi transparent lace bra, must be avoided and instead blazer or similar bra or waist pants too low. Discover is just too vulgar, nothing more!

The Clothes Are Too Tight

clothes are too tight

Whether you are skinny or not, does not matter, the leaders are too tight to be avoided, in part because they are not good and you feel that you have purchased some size smaller and because, in the case of rolls, the flab overflowing from her pants with a ” muffin effect “which is not exactly the maximum. Choose clothes of your size, neither too tight nor too loose.

Open Shoes With Tights In Sight

Open shoes with tights in sight

The open shoes should be worn without socks the reason is very simple: the flesh-colored stocking (or any other color) that is seen in the finger is horrendous, ruin the look and mortifies her shoes. It’s a simple mistake, often the result of unawareness, now that we know but … there are no more excuses!

Follow Desperately all Fashions

Fashion mistakes that make you look heavier

Fashions are made to the catwalks, are they have to accommodate them all … we can limit ourselves to choose the ones we like best and suit our style and our body.

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