Thin Body Fashion Look With 5 Clothes Style For Womens


Fat is not just a problem for women. Body is too thin can also be a problem for women clothes style.

If you have the above problem there are several things you need to know that the style of dress you still look beautiful and attractive,

1. Color clothes
2. Size clothing
3. The type of clothing
4. Accessories
5. Motif clothing

Fashion to Look For Thin Body -1

Type of color matching clothes for a thin body is bright and light colors such as white, pastels and other bright colors. This color will make you look fuller. You can also use a dark color origin on your skinny body that you think is not too contained you use accessories with bright colors.

Avoid tight clothes! Your body leans so no one can enjoy your body shape. Therefore, you need to highlight the other side of your appearances like your face or your clean skin.

You can wear a loose shirt and skinny stacked to cover your body and give a fuller effect. To highlight the other side of appearance you can choose clothes that have piled up the open part (just a little) which displays your clean skin.

Fashion to Look For Thin Body -2

Types of clothing to give effect can be obtained easily contain. You can combine regular clothes with a vest or jacket.

What kind of clothes you need to wear should also use a thick cloth. Once again this will make you look fuller and hot.

The selection of accessories is also important here. Because you are skinny avoid accessories that have a large size. It makes you look out of balance.

Choose small or medium sized accessories which have a different color or design with your dress color. Thus, you have you can highlight sections and make it interesting with these accessories.

Fashion to Look For Thin Body

One solution is to make the body look skinny fat is to wear vertical lines patterned clothing. Because you are skinny avoid clothes with motifs like this because it will make you look even thinner. Choose clothing or accessory with a horizontal line motif.

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