Fashion Trend Madness Stripes

Stripes we adore almost all year round especially when it’s hot! The famous sailor is shifting in different ways and scratches XXL also invade our wardrobe. Zoom on trend with the wind in their sails.

Fashion Trend Madness Stripes

How to wear the smock?

The white and navy blue stripes that characterize the sailor were popularized by Chanel. Today, the sailor does not leave our wardrobe and reinvent the seasons. While initially it was a top boat neck and long sleeves this garment fetish is now available in different cuts trend. Knitting on top through the tunic and sweater there is something for everyone!

A question remains

choose large stripes or pinstripes? It all depends on each! Choose pinstripes for a look thin. Large scratches meanwhile give a more casual look. Also, if you have shapes rather generous it is best to avoid scratching width. Choose the length for their lengthening effect.

Scratches in a tizzy

Small signs to large fashion brands all succumbed to madness scratches and provide parts and sometimes mat sometimes more sophisticated. All styles are so permit the most glamorous retro. Obviously, scratches fairly basic colors like black and white or navy blue and white are the easiest to wear because they fit well with any outfit. Thus, they can be worn with white pants and blazer ensemble for a very urban look or with a pair of jeans for a more casual look.

For a more whimsical look original or dare colored stripes! Yellow, orange, red … Do not be afraid to play the color card. At Mango eg orange striped sweater dress sublimates a pretty wide. This dress is very summery door preferably with gold accessories both in the city and the beach. At Axara was entitled to two complementary parts. On one side the top poster pretty colored stripes and sizes. The other the skirt remains faithful to the spirit sailor with white stripes and navy blue.

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