Spring-Summer Dresses 2021 2022 – Fashion Model Trends


Spring-Summer dresses this year 2021 2022. the international fashion designer, launching model dresses with bright colors and novel designs.

1. Red Fire Spring-Summer Dresses

Red helps you feel more confident and autonomous. This color is ideal for those who want to make a strong impression.

Fashion Trends Red Fire Spring-Summer Dresses

If your skin is white, you can use red-green light a little bit. If your skin is darker, red-orange would be appropriate.

You should fix your hair simple and neutral lip color, lip color red avoided and choose the color of the shoes brown or avoid distraction too many parts of the costume.

2. Men Spring-Summer Dresses

There are many styles to choose spring-summer dresses from, be it the short jacket, or sleeveless, short-sleeve shirt to fit every situation.

Fashion Trends Men Black Dresses

In the formal environment, you can wear a blouse and jacket out. Spring-Summer dresses to make an impression, you can put a blue scarf or shoe prints and nose open. Keep your hair simple and elegant, choose natural lip color.

3. Pale Color Spring-Summer Dresses

Bright colors are storming the fashion world. With materials like silk, chiffon and silk ball, these dresses are suitable for warm weather with the Soft design embraces your body in a natural and perfect.

Fashion Trends Color Pale Dresses

Choose lip gloss for makeup. Note do not select too many accessories and select shoes sandals with a metallic snap.

4. Motifs, Modern Motifs

The famous designers have chosen motifs, patterns for the collection Spring-Summer dresses. Stylish and sophisticated, texture, a pattern typically brings a modern sense of the romantic fairy tale costumes and creates a fresh new look.

Fashion Trends Modern Motifs Dresses

Avoid fussy accessories of the costume pattern.

5. Drawing Black and White Guys

This dress looks modern, personality, self-confidence.

Fashion Trends Drawing Black and White Dresses

If you mix black and white dress with different color will reduce the impression of the outfit. Shoes may be white or black, or a combination of both. Makeup should be simple.

6. Leather Fabric for Hot Weather

The skin is the preferred material of this year.

Fashion Trends Leather Fabric for Hot Weather Dresses

Please select the specially designed as high-waisted pants, jacket deep cut, or shorts with bright colors, color or iridescence. Avoid the detailed design of stamping metal or hard as nails. Combining leather with silk or lace material & if you are a strong personality, be combined with another leather outfit.

7. Lace

Fashion Trends Lace Dresses

Please select the best materials and incorporate lace dresses with color shoes with colors, or metallic shoes. Hair should be simple to keep the style softly, smiling.

8. Design Letters A

The skirt is A classic design never out of fashion. This design makes the wearer always attractive to the hips and thighs. A dress always in the locker room of women.

Fashion Trends classic skirt Dresses

Always remember to combine the letters with a skirt with high heels.

9. Beo Cute Shrug

These are specially designed in accordance with the dinner. The corrugated dirt layer brings a modern feel and feminine.

Fashion Trends Dress

If ruffles at the neck or shoulders, make bun or braid hair & Please choose the shoes with additional colors or colors like color clothes to create the perfect master.

10. Half Open Half Closed Design

Fashion Trends Half Open Half Closed Design Dress

This design is suitable for fancy dinner parties or discos. Please note that the selection of appropriate medicine okay.

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