Basic Handbags with Accessories: How To Choose? In Fall-Winter


What should be the basic set of bags? Let’s try to figure it out.

  • Definition of the base bag
  • Base Bag Models
  • How to choose basic women’s bags

If you have at least one bag that you carry “in a feast, and in the world, and in good people”, it means that you already know the basic models of bags. But one bag is definitely not enough.

Definition of the base bag

First, you need to determine what a basic bag is.

So, if the bag:

  • neutral colors (black, brown, navy, beige, gray, etc.);
  • does not have catchy artsy accessories and decor;
  • appropriate in any style;
  • Combines with the absolute majority of things in your wardrobe;
  • for a long time does not lose relevance – this is the basic model.

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Base Bag Models

The most popular models of women’s base bags include the following:

  1. Shopper

A capacious soft rectangular bag of a rather large size with 2 handles. An ideal companion for shopping. One of the most common varieties of shoppers is the Tote bag.

  1. Hobo

This is also an unstructured soft and voluminous model. Unlike the shopper, the hobo has only one handle and a rounded silhouette.

  1. Structural bags

This is a whole group of models that can be rectangular, square or semicircular. All of them have one thing in common – thanks to the rigid frame, they keep their shape perfectly. The size of such a bag can be any, the number of handles – 1 or 2.

  1. Crossbody

A small everyday bag with a soft or hard shape with an obligatory long strap that allows you to carry it on your shoulder or over your shoulder so that the strap crosses the body diagonally. Crossbody bags include the recently popular Saddle bag and Messenger bag.

  1. Backpack

Favorite model of young girls, but intended not only for them. In the basic version, the backpack has a medium size and smooth texture.

  1. Clutch

A small bag that is carried in the hand or under the arm. May be soft or structured. Evening options – small, daytime – medium size. Daily clutches include an envelope bag and a folder bag.

How to choose basic women’s bags?
When choosing basic bags, several factors should be considered at once.

  1. Functionality

It is clear that the basic set of bags for a student, a young mother and a business woman will be different. Therefore, first you need to clearly determine what you need the bag: what size it should have, what should fit in it, whether it should have a fastener, internal dividers and pockets – all these nuances should be considered in advance. In addition, for many business women, a “working” bag should be a status item – this will also need to be taken into account. And if you often travel on business trips or are used to using more than one bag, you will need a model that can be packed in luggage without sacrificing its appearance.

So, to summarize, the base minimum should include bags:

for work;

for business meetings outside the office;

for walks and shopping;

travel bag;

evening bag;

bag or backpack for sports.

  1. Height and type of figure

To bag was proportionate to your height, you can determine its approximate value in advance. To do this, you need to divide the growth by 4 and subtract another 5-10 cm from the result. This will be the maximum size of your bag.

As for the figure, the bag model plays a role here. So, Crossbody, which are worn on the thigh, naturally emphasize this part of the body. Therefore, they are contraindicated for those women whose hips are not the zone to which we would like to draw special attention.

Loved by many “large” shoppers will not suit girls of small stature, as well as owners of a large chest and broad shoulders.

Tall and large ladies should avoid small handbags, and short little donuts will have to put aside a soft bucket bag.

  1. Color

The colors of basic bags are usually a neutral palette plus the shades of your basic wardrobe.

The basic shades for each will be different – depending on your color preferences, but when choosing neutral colors, it is advisable to choose at least one dark color and one light. At the same time, stylists caution against black and white – these colors are quite demanding, and it will be more difficult to fit them into images than, for example, beige, nude, taup, dark blue, dark green or gray.

If the budget allows, for the warm and cold season, you can assemble separate sets of base bags, if not, you should focus on universal colors that “work” at any time of the year (for example, shades of gray and brown).

  1. Style

Style is an individual concept. Of course, the bag should fit into the overall style of your wardrobe. But this does not mean that there are no exceptions to this rule. Contrasts always made the image more interesting and original. So do not deny yourself the pleasure of experimenting.

  1. Budget The

the base bag should be of high quality. Take this as an axiom, and don’t save – in the end, you will only win, because a bag of good quality will serve you for more than one season – and this is one of the most important conditions for the base model (unlike the trendy models that “live” 1-2 seasons).

Fashionable Handbags Fall-Winter with Accessories

Fashionable handbags are the constant companion of every woman. Original look handbags with their suede inserts and velvet can a spectacular finish a smooth gloss skin prints under the skin of reptiles. It is so convenient to store all the necessary stuff in one place.s

That is why the designers did not want to leave this accessory without attention. The next season of autumn-winter cooked a lot of new products for fashionistas. After bright summer collections, proposed models differ brevity, simplicity, and convenience.

Classic Bags

This option is always in fashion. Due to traditional shapes and colors, classic versions are suitable for everyday use. The peculiarity of this season is the models elongated rectangular shape. Handles must be short. As a natural leather material are used.

Classic Bags

In addition, to the variants of leather bags made of cloth & it should be shiny. These models are easy, practical, and suitable for any outfit and occasion. Designers did not retreat from the basic colors, offering a white, gray, brown, black and shades.

In addition, to traditional classical variants proposed new items, which combines with the image of a businesswoman. These bulky bags, traveling bags, decorated with discreet patterns of geometric shapes. On the background of a very feminine retro look – bags, fashion reminiscent of the 20s. Their colors are varied: cherry, burgundy, crimson, olive, and turquoise.


This model is again popular. Now the clutch is not exclusively an evening option. With it, you can safely go to the office or to a meeting. The models varied: in the form of an envelope, box, and purse. Make sure the presence of decoration: zipper, rivets, chains, stones, and beads.


Fashion Clutches

Ethnic Bags

The rustic lover will be thrilled with accessories from Donna Karan. Bags are precious natural colors, brown and greenish tones. The original texture with wood immediately catches the eye.

The bag is small in size. Details laconic: smooth leather straps, braided handles, buckles, simple forms. Popular bags decorated with bright tapestries, lace or lace. Such diversity will help any fashionistas to choose not only the right colors and shape but also the texture of the bag.

Ethnic Bags

Fur Bags

Bags made of fur again represented in the collections of designers. Their shape is characterized by strict outlines. It can be any size it is interesting to look like models, which combine the texture of the fur and wool.

Fur Bags

In addition, to simple, elegant colors used by youth options saturated purple, orange, purple colors.

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