Fast Hairstyles To Do In 10 Minutes for Carnival


Do you want to wear a costume carnival elegant, chic and feminine? Who may be able to count on a makeup and wigs definitely a special and effect? Why do not you dress from the Greek goddess? Make up and hairstyle are fast to prepare.

Among the fast hairstyles to do in 10 minutes for Carnival, certainly from the Greek goddess is one of the most effective for those who want to show off a sleek, feminine and chic. It is not difficult to realize, just as the Carnival costume and makeup which require a few simple precautions, as is revealed to us by our image tutorial.

Fast Hairstyles To Do In 10 Minutes for Carnival

If the dress you can simply take a dress in the empire style, possibly with white and gold detailing and silver, wearing open sandals on your feet the same color (by choosing not to do if the costume party is outdoors, otherwise you risk freeze !) here also to make up and hairstyle the process is very simple .

For makeup to provide false eyelashes or mascara that lengthens greatly. Rigged black your eyes also including the silver glitter on the corner of the eye to brighten the eye & the lips should be colored a shade of pale, her face will be very clear.

And we are quick to make hairstyle in 10 minutes: green light for a simple side braid soft, in which we’re going to weave a colorful satin ribbon. The crest is divided laterally, must fall softly on your face to be able to frame with simplicity and elegance.

And your Carnival costume from the Greek goddess is ready!

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