24 Fast Slimming Tips Before The Holidays You Lose Few Pounds


Lose a few pounds before the holidays, firm up your body to shine in a strapless dress and adopt a pleasure diet: Shelookbook offers you 24 slimming tips to follow before the holiday season to display a perfect body!

Fast Slimming Tips Before The Holidays You Lose Few Pounds

  • December 1st: my advent calendar

We avoid the chocolate advent calendar, fatal for the line.
We prefer a calendar of advent without chocolate, but with games, in the child section.

  • December 2: 15 minutes of sport awakening

Nothing like sports to lose weight before the holidays.

If jogging is not your friend, opt for 15 minutes of abdominals in the morning or at the end of the day.

Otherwise, there is always the pool, followed by a good hammam, to make skin clean and win a nice nude complexion.

  • December 3: a breakfast anti-craving

To avoid cravings in the day, nothing like a good breakfast to hold out despite the cold weather.

The evening before, we prepare a bowl of 10 almonds, 20 raisins dipped in a little water, 2 tablespoons of cereals (buckwheat petals, millet, etc., but no wheat), 1/2 squeezed lemon, 1/2 banana cut into thin slices, 1 hand-held portion of fruit, 1 plain yoghurt with soy or sheep’s milk, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 teaspoonful of honey.

  • December 4: a diet without deprivation

Ok for dieting, but not a restrictive diet.
In effect, depriving one’s body does not necessarily allow one to lose weight since the body stores fat in anticipation of new periods of restriction.

  • December 5: a vitamin diet to keep fit

Winter makes us lose our energy.

To regain form, simply adopt a vitamin diet, based on fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins A, C, and E and trace elements.

  • December 6: walk 20 minutes

No time to practice a sports activity?
Walk to walk!

The best is to go gradually: start with 20 minutes of walking the first 7 days, then 30 minutes per day.

  • December 7th: avoid the gourmet stalls of the Christmas market

If you can not resist the sirens of the Christmas market, focus on the gift stands, and run away from the gourmet stalls.

Gingerbread cakes, madeleines, macaroons and other waffles are the worst enemies of your line, not to mention the mulled wine!

  • December 8: small plates

To eat less during the holidays, you get used to eating less before the holidays.

And to eat less, how?

It is enough to eat less quickly, by tasting foods, and using small proportions, or to use only small plates.

  • December 9th: a slimming massage

Nothing like a slimming massage to feel lighter before the holidays.
The ideal is a slimming massage that does not hurt too much but with fairly intense and deep pressure. And after, we drink to eliminate the toxins.

  • December 10th: a low-calorie pleasure snack

For the same number of calories, we offer a king’s snack.
Brownie (380 calories) is replaced by four squares of dark chocolate with a milk bread and a sweet tea.

  • December 11: a TV set for a DVD party

This winter, we love to have DVD nights.
We like a little less hyper-calorie TV trays.

Instead of jumping on a plate of 4 cheese gnocchi (600 calories), for the same number of calories, it is replaced by a plate of pasta with 1 knob of butter, two slices of smoked salmon and a yogurt with fruit.

  • December 12: replace the soda with green tea

We ban sodas before Christmas and we replace them with green tea to enjoy its draining effects.

  • December 13: Do not skip meals

Above all, we do not skip meals hoping to lose two or three kilos.
Indeed, if we skip a meal, our body makes reservations for the next meal, storing fat.

  • December 14th: dietary supplements to lose weight

Opt for draining and fat-burning supplements that are diluted in water.

  • December 15: eat slowly

The faster we eat, the more we reduce the production of satiety hormones, which leads to a tendency to eat too much.

Thus, to eat less, one eats slowly, reducing the doses.

  • December 16: I sleep more to eat less

You have probably already noticed that the less you sleep, the more you eat.
Blame the lack of sleep that imbalances hormones.

Thus, to reduce hunger, just sleep longer, or at least avoid accumulating hours of sleep lately.

  • December 17: a party outfit to look slimmer

It’s time to choose your party outfit.
And if you choose an outfit based on your morphology, to look slimmer?

  • December 18: dancing to lose weight

When we know that one hour of dance eliminates between 300 and 500 calories, we give it to heart joy!

  • December 19: a detox cure

Just days before the feast, we offer a detox diet, to purify the body and have a peach skin.

  • December 20: anti-calorie shopping

In the evening, leaving the office, instead of throwing herself on her couch, go shopping for Christmas presents.

Take the opportunity to do your Christmas shopping on foot, which will allow you to admire the windows of the department stores the crowd less.

  • December 21: eliminate starchy foods before the holidays

We do not put ourselves on the diet, we eat normally, to our hunger.
And we eliminate only starchy foods.

  • December 22: tip appetite suppressant

To avoid gorging yourself during meals, adopt an appetite suppressant tip.
Eat an apple or a hard egg: it stalls.

  • December 23: a light breakfast

Tomorrow is finally Christmas!

To compensate in advance for the festive meal, we take a light breakfast, without bread, and meals consisting only of fruits and vegetables.

  • December 24: a Christmas meal under control

To avoid taking back all the pounds lost before the holidays during the Christmas meal, just be careful and do not peck the whole evening.

As an aperitif, vegetables and dried fruits are preferred. With foie gras, brioche toasts are replaced with rye bread.

With the dish, we avoid chestnuts and potatoes. You can drink champagne in small doses, but avoid rosé wine and sweet white wine.

The cheese is avoided, and the frozen log is preferred to the pastry.

After the Christmas meal, we can take a drink to help digest, like an herbal tea, a coffee … but especially not digestive!

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