Favourite Color Fashion Trends 2014 For Your Personality


Every woman would have a color that she likes to help him appear charming at an event or when hanging out with friends. Apparently the selection of colors for clothing worn also reflects the personality of the person.

As reported by Idiva, check out the reviews below about some of the colors that can reveal the nature of women.


When you are choosing clothes with colors that symbolize the strength and courage to attend a party or a formal meeting, you may be someone who likes to talk as it is and impulsive. Women red dress enthusiasts usually optimistic and do not like things that are tedious. You also love to have fun, open, and full of spirit.

Red dress


If you prefer a little black dress or a black maxi dress as a fashion choice for the party, it indicates that you prefer to play it safe. You are less interested in experimenting in a variety of ways, but quite impressive in front of others impress without having to look too conspicuous. You are also a mysterious woman and a tall dignified.

Black dress


The figure of a naive yet youthful Women are fond of white clothing like simplicity and chose to live a simple. You are like the color is also always think positive and want perfection, both in the life, work, and love.

White dress


Women who like to use the color purple is a humorous personal, she wants to look unique and different Lovers of purple not the type of woman who likes to be in the crowd or a big party with lots of guests. She is a figure that is more convenient when you are in a place that is only filled by her closest friends only.

Purple dress


The majority of women love this color. When included within them, you likely are women who are hungry for love, like romantic things and have a high passion. You want to look soft, sensitive and fragile and wanted someone who could care for and protect. Desire does not seem hard to come by, because the woman who loved pink dress is usually an interesting person, gentle, and quiet.

Pink dress


These colors reflect a calm and soothing mood. You are like the blue dress generally is a concern and compassionate. Blue is also a fan of the patient, sensitive, but able to control emotions. The blue is also a figure that is reliable and always made sure that everyone was happy with her time.

Blue dress

What color is your favorite outfit?

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