Feet In Hands: How To Make The Perfect Pedicure At Home


Summer is closer than you think! Light dresses, short skirts and, of course, sandals! Feet in the spotlight! So, they must be in perfect condition.

If you have no opportunity to go to a pedicure in the salon, learn how to properly take care of your feet at home.

How To Make The Perfect Pedicure At Home

How to cut your toenails?

It is important to trim your nails in a straight line, in accordance with their natural shape. Do not cut the nails too close to the skin, not to get irritated or getting an infection. Furthermore, do not try to pull the “unnecessary” part of the nail plate. Be sure to owning a good (better vocational) nail file. Cheap sewing “stratify” the nail plate, making it more brittle.

How to remove “excess” skin around the nails?

The skin should be cut carefully, preferably using a special fluid for removal. Thanks to the liquid skin can be softened, removal takes place is very simple and the risk of nail damage is minimal.

What to do with heels?

To do this, you need to double-sided nail file for pedicure, cream and nail oil. It does not take much time before you take a shower, rub the heel and forefoot to start sawing tough side, and then soft. Then apply the cream on the entire surface of your feet, and nails anoint with oil. In the cold season is better to use nourishing creams, summer – moisturizing.

How to maintain a pedicure?

Once you have done a pedicure, it is very important to care for their feet. Especially if you’re “happy” owner of troubled heels and corns know about firsthand. Just do not try to cut to the quick: throw away all the prehistoric blades and saws! A pumice stone or scrub in the shower and nourishing cream after – that’s all science!

How to avoid ingrown nails?

If you are ever faced with an ingrown nail, forget about the “home” pedicure and do not save on a good wizard. Believe me, ingrown nails – it is really a problem. Even after surgery, which usually ends with the complete removal of the nail plate, chances are, that the new nail fastest again, is very high.

Why does the nail grow?

If you at least once faced with ingrown toenails, it’s good to remember all these “wonderful” feeling. Why is this happening?

The reasons are many, the most common are:

  • You wear tight or uncomfortable shoes,
  • Properly trim your nails,
  • You have permanent calluses on roller,
  • You injured fingernail
  • And the worst: you picked “fungus.”
  • What to do, if the feet sweat a lot?

If feet sweat a lot, use talcum powder or powder for the feet. These means absorb moisture and protect against odor all day. As an additional “defense” Get a deodorant for shoes.

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