How To Fight Against Dandruff? + What is Dandruff?


Hair is our best feminine asset … We love them, we pamper them! And then one day, it’s the drama: we discover small white dust in our hair. But do not panic, SheLookBook is here to give you her best anti-dandruff tips.

What is dandruff?

The itchy scalp (more or less intense) that ruin our lives and cause small white dust quite unsightly.

And even if today there are FINALLY ways to counter their action, we still do not know why some hair is more predestined than others. Mystery, mystery…

What are the main causes of their presence on our scalp?

The most known and obvious causes are of course:

  • A rise of stress
  • Friction too tight and regular with head accessories like hats, headbands
  • Blow dryers too hot (straightened, powerful hair dryer)
  • Abuse of lacquers or gels of any kind
  • Temperature rises (in case of hot weather, fever and even during menses!)

Why and how dandruff comes to attack our scalp?

Most dandruff comes from the renewal of skin cells, a classic phenomenon since the skin of our body is renewed regularly once a month (hence the dead skin).

But unfortunately, for some, the scalp undergoes an imbalance due to a microscopic mushroom called “pityriasis”.

Their actions on our hair

Pityriasis is present on all the scalps and must remain inactive. But when he decides to seize our beautiful hair, he disrupts our entire capillary system.

Result? New cells are formed in a minimal time (2 weeks but in the most affected cases, they are around a week).

As a result, dead cells can no longer dissolve normally. They are added to new cells and this is called “capillary bottling”.

Dandruff accumulates at the top of the scalp in the form of scales (epidermis that separates from the skin).

Are There Different Types Of Dandruff?

The problem is here. There are two types and it is imperative to differentiate them to use the most appropriate treatment.

Usually, the fungus feeds mainly on fatty acids; mainly present on oily hair (in this case dandruff remains stuck to the scalp because of sebum that emerges). They cause itching and promote hair loss.

But she may also attack dry hair. These films are the most common; they fall and do not necessarily scratch.

How To Fight Against Dandruff?

– For dry films: everything is a question of hydration and not of “exclusively anti-dandruff care”. Use an anti-dandruff shampoo for dry hair and healing kinds of milk

The +? Twice a month, take an oil bath to deeply moisturize your scalp.

– For dandruff: anti-dandruff shampoos that contain a zinc treatment pirythione. They help stop the spread of the fungus on the scalp. Herbal lotions such as myrtle are also recommended.

And if your dandruff persists, do not hesitate to supplement your treatment with pro-vitamin A supplements, vitamins C and E, and selenium.

The +? Use menthol care to soothe your itch.

Homemade Recipes For Dandruff

To get rid of dandruff, there are some simple and inexpensive solutions. Be aware that some ingredients such as lemon, baking soda, sea salt, linden, thyme or rosemary help fight dandruff.

For this recipe from the book J’embellis my hair of S. Hampikian and A. Perrogon, mix 5 tablespoons of clay powder to 2 or 3 tablespoons of water with lemon juice. Then add 3 or 4 drops of palmarosa essential oil.

Apply the wick mask by wick then gather the hair on the top of the skull. Wrap a charlotte and a hot towel.

Leave on for about 20 minutes then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

  • An anti-dandruff infusion with thyme

Prepare an infusion with thyme or linden, aromatic plants with anti-dandruff properties. Once this brew is ready, rinse your previously washed hair.

  • A mask with yoghurt and lemon essential oil

For this treatment, simply add 5 drops of organic lemon essential oil to a natural yoghurt. Apply this mixture before shampooing and massage for about 5 minutes.

Rinse and shampoo.

The right gestures?

Adopt a healthier lifestyle based on longer hours of sleep (minimum 8h) and less stress!

Good hair hygiene: wash your hair at least 3 times a week. Brush your hair vigorously and do not be afraid to bring out your dandruff, it’s an essential step in healing.

In the bathroom department , disinfect your hairbrushes and combs regularly, do not abuse hot water and do not attack your hair with care (shampoos, masks) too stripping.
Dandruff Clay and Lemon Mask

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