Where To Find A Cashmere Sweater At Reasonable Prices?


A cashmere sweater at good prices? Good news, it’s possible! Etam, Monoprix, Zara, these brands selected some tracks of the affordable cashmere sweater. It’ll just make your choice of the cheap sweater to keep warm this winter and made autumn winter trends!

Difficult to make THE right choice of beautiful cashmere sweater as often, cashmere garments are overpriced and eventually pilling. It must be said that this is difficult to maintain. Cashmere is synonymous with sweetness, fiber fineness, and quality. It is obtained from the weaving pile of goat Capra Hircus, who lives on the Tibetan plateau, the Himalayan region and mainly in Mongolia. All a culture which is why this soft, delicate, comfortable and with undeniable thermal qualities, returns so dear …

But fortunately, there are some valuable tips fashion to find a winter sweater price if not mini, at least at low cost for its winter shopping. Between fashion sites that discount all year, brand cheap fast-fashion, sweaters small thickness son and blended cashmere sweaters: discover all the fashion tips to buy a sweater at a knockdown price, to be gentle as a lamb all winter.

Cheap cashmere sweater: cashmere specialists

Some websites specialize in cashmere often make discounts up to 50% off turtlenecks to sweaters and other cashmere vests, all while surfing the fashion trend autumn-winter.

  • Street Cachemire.com

With its 300 models available, the site Rueducachemire.com offers a wide selection of brands ranging from Rebel to Cashmere By Chantal Jaillot. Articles at reasonable prices, especially for sweaters promo. You can easily find a simple cashmere sweater between 50 and 100 €.

  • Kashmir Land

The trick of Cachemireland.com, attractive internet prices. For example, a classic V-neck sweater 2 sons will cost € 199 in store and 99 € in order by the Internet.

  • Mahogany Kashmir

Via the tab” Essential to low prices,” the website Mahogany-Cachemire sells 100% cashmere sweaters in of € 80/100.

  • Hector and Lola

In “tab Small prices ” website “Hector and Lola, Kashmir and other pranks,” there are discounts up to 50% off women’s clothing including cashmere sweaters.

Hector and Lola also give some tips to wash a cashmere sweater.

Cheap cashmere sweater: big clothing brands

  • The 100% cashmere sweaters

Large retailers such as Etam, Uniqlo, La Redoute, Monoprix, Zara, H & M, and Galeries Lafayette offer 100% cashmere sweaters at low prices in the 80-90 €. Etam, for example, you can become the proud owner of a 100% cashmere sweater for less than 70 €!

  • The blended cashmere sweaters

More cashmere percentage, the lower the price drops. Another advantage of sweater cashmere blend is that it keeps warm, compared to acrylic sweaters.

Asos, Wool Overs, Kiabi, Cyrillus or Balsamic offer between 3% and 30% cashmere. The result: very low prices, even starting at € 10 Kiabi!

Cheap cashmere sweater: multibrand with ongoing promotions

Ideal for finding the pull of your dreams with cashmere is to watch for the promotion by major distributors.


The private sale site offers cashmere sweaters large discount brands like Royal Kashmir, Benetton, Cashmere 4 ever, Feeling, Cyrillus, Caroll …


The fashion shopping and decor site broadcasts all year major promotions sweaters major retailers such as La Redoute, Bargain, Street Kashmir Brandalley, Hector and Lola, Balsamic or Uncle Jeans.

To learn more, here in detail 6 best ways to find a cheap cashmere. After that, you will be unbeatable in the field!

That said, do not lose sight of a cashmere at very low prices in thermal lose quality and finesse. In this case, if you want a sweater very good, you may very well turn to big brands like Eric Bompard, and expect to take advantage of the private sale or winter sales!


8. A Cashmere Sweater  At A Small Price By Etam

A luxury that becomes available from € 69.99! Offer her or treat yourself to a precious mesh 100% cashmere Coloramas the trendy and essential forms.

Col V or boat, play layering by mixing with a chic shirt, or it leads them to the skin on a sensual lace triangle. A unique gift to offer or to be offered!


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