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A Few Quick Tips to Help You Find the Best Fine Hair Company

You have particularly thin hair? No problem if you follow the following styling and care tips

Any woman who has very fine hair, knows the problem: Volume is as good as not available, the hairstyle usually depends only flat. With the right tips, these problems are a thing of the past.

Do not apply conditioner to the scalp for fine hair

It is advisable to use a conditioner with every hair wash. The grooms the hair optimally and then makes it easier to style. However, there is one thing you should keep in mind: Apply the conditioner only from the tips to the middle of the hair. As soon as it gets directly onto the scalp, it sticks to the roots of the hair and makes the hair smoother faster.

Only use Round Brush at The End

Do you use a round brush while blow-drying to give your hair more volume? Basically a good idea, but you should use the brush only when the hair is already dried. The best way to blow dry upside down and just go wild with your hand through your wet hair.

Important: Do not pull a crown before – it will fall off automatically when the hair is finished. When the hair has dried well, raise the head and finish with the round brush.

First Spray Products into Your Hands

When using care products for spraying, do not spray the texture directly on the hair. Even if it is a volume spray, the “drizzle” can flatten the hair. Spray best on the hands, rub briefly and knead into the hair. In doing so, do a little antoupling with the fingers.

Use Light Hair Spray For fine hair

Do you use a hair spray with extra strong hold? Rather, move to a hair spray that only has a light hold. This fulfills its purpose for everyday hairstyling and does not flatten your hair. An extra strong hair spray is best used only for elaborate updos that need to sit all day.

Use Hair Powder

If you want to give your hair extra volume, we recommend a special hair powder. This is done with a small pump dispenser under the top hair and incorporated with the fingers easily. The texture helps to gently tan the hair and loosen up the lower layer of hair a bit.

Simple 8 step to get even long braid hairstyle for fine hair and enjoy the party night.

Braids are not only fashionable but they are also very easy to make and wear. Just be sure to set the long braids with a rubber coated.

Step By Step Eve Long Braid Hairstyle For Fine Hair

Step 1

Wash and condition your hair.

Step 2

Blot hair with a towel until damp and scrunch with the towel to help prevent damage and split ends. If necessary spray a light conditioner care in the hair to remove knots.

Step 3

Cover a skeleton brush and apply mousse foam into your hair from root to tip making sure to distribute evenly.

Step 4

Completely blow dry using a large round brush to avoid knots. Then place 2 or 3 jets care conditioner in the palm of your hand rub your hands together and apply conditioner carefully along the entire length of hair care not to put on the roots.

Step 5

Gather the hair on your neck and tie them with a rubber band. Then separate those into two part an upper part and a lower part. Let the bottom side for the moment it will serve to expand strands of hair braid.

Step 6

Separate the top two other parts a left and a right. Take 10 strands of hair at the bottom and cross them from left to right by adding them to the left side.

Then take 10 bits at the bottom and cross them from left to right by adding them to the right side. Continue adding bits alternating from left to right until all the hair from the bottom have been incorporated to the parts of the left and right.

Step 7

Attach the braid with a rubber band. Remove the rubber band on the neck taking care not to undo the braid.

Step 8

Attach the braid with a fixative to extra hold spray by spraying at about 25 cm of the hair.

Photos: Eve Long Braid Hairstyle For Fine Hair

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