10 Fitness Exercises To Lose Your Breeches … GALLOPING!


Ah, the breeches! She nestles on the hips of many women without ever agreeing to leave them. Fitness exercises, cardio exercises (because one does not go without the other), we put on her sneakers and we say ciao to the breeches! Go! Losing your breeches is not done without physical effort. Two to three times a week, incorporate cardio and fitness exercises into your routine to work the thighs and glutes deeply.

There are many tips to erase her saddlebags, but they need to be tenacious and determined, because these irreducible fat cells have the “I’m here, I stay there!” for credo. Among these tips, the sport of course.

Draw among these 10 exercises to erase the breeches of horse to concoct you a made-to-measure program.

Losing Your Breeches: The Weight Training Exercises

  • Leg lifted lying on the side.

Lie on your side, one leg above the other, your head resting on your elbow and your back straight. By wrapping your abs well, lift the upper leg about 30 cm off the floor and rest on the lower leg.

Repeat for 30 seconds, then start again with the other leg.

  • The squat to erase the saddlebags.

If it were advisable to advise only one exercise to forge well-shaped buttocks, it would be this one. “I hurt, I am unloved, but I work, I am I am Suisse … The squat!”

Stand with your feet apart hip width, bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor, then go back up.

For an effective squat exercise, be careful not to advance your knees, keep your back straight and place your buttocks back.

Start with 10. The pros can raise the stakes.

Bonus tip: Challenge yourself to stay 10 seconds down between two squats.

  • Extension of the hip on the ground.

With this exercise, we aim for the gluteus maximus, the largest part of your buttocks.

On all fours on a floor mat, rest on your knees and forearms. Bring one knee to the chest, then extend the leg back until it is taut, parallel to the ground.

Repeat for 30 seconds before changing legs.

  • The big side beats to refine the saddlebags.

This exercise is similar to the previously detailed leg lift, except that it is performed standing.

Result: we work as well as the muscles balance and posture.

Standing, feet apart hip width, take support on one leg making sure to stay upright.

Raise your free leg to the side, shaping to keep your balance, then bring it back to you. Repeat for 30 seconds, then start again with the other leg.

  • The climbs of a basin.

Again, we put the glutes in the spotlight to erase her breeches!

Lie on your back, arms stretched out along your body, palms facing the ceiling, lower back and hips, and feet flat on the floor.

The exercise involves lifting the pelvis by contracting the buttocks. Your pelvis must be well aligned with your shoulders and knees to form a board.

Lower the basin to the ground and start again. Repeat for 1 minute.

Good sports to lose her saddlebags

  • Running against the breeches.

Even when you want to lose weight in a specific place, you have to work the whole body. And to do this, there is no better than cardio, especially running.

A little jog once or twice a week and you will see, your fat will not stay long.

  • Swim with fins.

Swimming is an excellent sport for slimming buttocks, just like running.

To target the breaches, in particular, you are strongly advised to invest in flippers and practice beats. No need to kick your legs for miles to feel that it works!

To you the mermaid’s buttocks!

  • The Aquabike.

This is a sport that raises the heart rate! The biking sessions are also available in room (music and under the neon lights, for that matter), but the water pressure has the advantage of much more work the muscles.

This sport is ideal to fight the fat cells accumulated on your buttocks and hips.

  • The CrossFit, the sport of shock against the saddlebags.

We will not lie: the CrossFit is reserved for seasoned sportswomen. The sessions are intense and require a good physical condition.

The advantage of this circuit is that it mixes cardio and fitness for impressive results. With that, bye bye the breeches (and the rest)!

A tip: favor the smooth realization of movements rather than speed (even if the principle is to accelerate), at the risk of doing (very) badly.

>> Your knickers just have to stand!

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