Flamingo Spanish Dancer Style Red Costume


In addition to dance and rhythmic guitar accompaniment and ramp claves, Flamenco dancer costume is one thing that attracted the most attention.

This costume features a long dress with underskirt or detail stacks are wide and long at the bottom. Deliberately chosen in this dress colors that diverse so very striking when worn on a show.

There is also the use of fabric with various motifs such as spots and lines. In use, this dress comes with a regular long scarf that is also tufted. Large ornamental combs and earrings are also commonly used as accessories.

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Some of you may have never imagined for Flamenco dancers dressed in an event. However, the development of the fashion world, the Spanish dancer costume can be adapted into some kind of dress, such as party dresses, wedding gowns, dresses and even Muslims.

Titled Flamingo Style, some designers from home and abroad have developed this style fashion Spanish dancer. Flamingo Style on a party dress, for example, can be a long dress that covers the ankles and fringed at the bottom.

As for the above could be a camisole or backless models. Can also add a long tail and parts of the dress in the front so as to give the impression of glamorous and hot.

However, not only long dresses, short dresses could also carry Flamingo Style. For example, in a knee-length party dress, tassel decoration can still be applied on the bottom. Could also add on the arms.

Tassel detail stacks and this is the hallmark of Flamingo Style. Then, for the Moslem basically be long and closed Flamingo

Styles can be seen by the application of tassel accessories or options. Because it is impossible to detail that opens in the Muslim fashion such as parts of the calf or back, then the detail can be focused on the veil. Use of accessories such as hats, big earrings, and flower decoration is enough to characterize the Flamingo Style.

Flamingo Style itself is most widely used on wedding dresses. Because the impression of luxury and striking that carried Flamingo Style is very suitable with the wedding ceremony is usually held in luxury.Flamingo Spanish Dancer Style Red Gown-17

Wedding dress with tails and tassel applications is very long will suit worn at the wedding ceremony in church or outdoor.
Here are 5 important tips in Flamingo style dress or wear like a Spanish dancer.

1. Choosing a Dress That is Not Excessive

Wearing a dress that is really similar to the Flamenco dancer costume at the party will certainly give the impression of exaggeration. The addition will make you look very striking and the center of attention you probably will be the talk of the other guests.

2. Choosing Colors And Patterns

For stylish Flamingo, preferably a solid color dress than colorful or patterned. The application tassel on Flamingo style dress was enough to give the impression of crowded so it does not need too much color or motif.

3. Detailed Focus On One Part Only

Once again, in order not to appear too much try to choose dresses that provide detail on one part only. So, no need to give accent tassel on all parts such as arms and bottom. Simply apply a tassel on a two-part course.

4. Choosing Accessories

When finished with the dress choosing accessories is also a very important thing. Flamingo Style synonymous with the use of scarves big earrings, headdresses, hats, and flowers. Simply select one of the accessories that are most aligned with your dress choice. See to it that you choose accessories that are aligned both shape and color.

5. Confidence

Your self-confidence is the most important thing. Wearing dresses with different styles or Flamingo Style, in particular, should be constituted with confidence. If you’ve assured and confident with their own appearance then you will feel comfortable.

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