Flowers for Valentines Day Behind The Different Colors Of Flowers


Flowers for Valentines Day in Different Colors

Flowers become synonymous celebration of Valentine’s Day or Valentines Day. No wonder if this number ahead of Valentine’s Day flowers in the Flower Market merchants hold flowers visited by buyers who are mostly young.

One of the florists, florists Asep Suganda from Priangan, he has increased sales by 200% of the usual day and 20% of Valentine last year. He also has set up special flower arrangements for Valentine’s Day celebration.

Not just a floral bouquet of flowers but the flowers are also combined with a doll that is also synonymous with Valentine’s Day. Asep himself said the most requested flowers for Valentine celebration is a rose.

Behind the different colors of flowers for Valentine’s Day, apparently colorful flower contains many different meanings. These various meanings of the various colors of flowers:

1. Red Roses

Red Roses

Red roses are a symbol of love and passion plenary timeless. Red rose also symbolizes the respect and the creative spirit of love. No wonder the red rose is called the Rose of Love.

2. White Roses

White Roses

White rose symbolizes purity, humanity and without sin, and are often associated as young love. Not only that, white roses also symbolize truth and devotion. Through these white roses, the message is “I’m yours”.

3. Yellow Roses

Yellow Roses

Meaning saved through yellow roses are friendship, joy and caring. Bouquet of three yellow roses symbolizes affection, warmth, and joy.

4. Pink Roses

Pink Roses

In general, the color pink symbolizes femininity, softness and smoothness. Pink color symbolizes subtlety, gentleness, admiration and excitement. While the dark pink color gives the meaning of gratitude and appreciation.

5. Orange Roses

Orange Roses

Orange color on the roses has meaning and enthusiasm desire. Bouquet of orange blossom roses can also convey a sense of admiration and attraction to others.

6. Purple Roses

Purple Roses

The color purple has a seductive symbol of beauty and passion. Not only that, purple roses can also give a message of love at first sight, in addition to providing a beautiful impression.

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