Foldable Flip Flops to The Line of Blossom Butterfly Twists!


How many times we would like to have a spare pair of shoes in the bag, but their excessive size does not allow it? From this summer pua, thanks to the idea of the brand Butterfly Twists which launches the folding flip flops. We women him will definitely be grateful!

The British brand of footwear Folding Butterfly Twists launches for summer 2014 is a milestone: the flip-flop folding. Just like the dancers and the boots, slippers bows with a single gesture and storing it in a transparent pouch.

Foldable Flip Flops to The Line of Blossom Butterfly Twists!
Foldable Flip Flops? From now you can, thanks to the line of Blossom Butterfly Twists!

The “Blossom” is available in five models made of rubber scented strawberry. Characterized by bright colors and glamorous, are embellished with a contrasting design.

White stylized flowers stand out against the black background of the mule in the most classic color combination, blue is associated with yellow decor for a mix decidedly summer, details enrich the elegant white gold and finally ultra-feminine, pink designs in yellow or pink with decoration on a white background.

For this collection, Butterfly Twists proposes a novel design for a clutch put the best flip-flop bent. Transparent waterproof and is suitable for beach life, extremely practical storage bag slippers again after use, even when wet or covered up.

Nuances lively shoe lightweight and versatile, the flip-flop Butterfly Twists allow us to switch between the slippers from the sea in the most elegant shoes.

The idea behind the project is in fact one of the smart shoe that can make your life easier dynamic woman, a concept that the London brand in the course of the seasons has applied to different models from classical dancer to rain boots.

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