10 Foods Perfect For A Cure Detox Before And After The Holidays


Do not worry, I will speak to you plan, but rather is based detox healthy diet on balancing your body. Focus on the 10 detox foods to eat without moderation (or almost) during your detox cure.

The excesses of all kinds have an impact on our organization. And it is not our liver that say otherwise. The period of the holiday season just around the corner, alcohol and other chocolates too, it is important to do a detox treatment before and after the holidays to cleanse you from the inside.

By this means then that to lose weight, you have to diet.

But we often forget that a diet should be followed initially in order to be healthier.

Sometimes a detox program is enough to clean our body of toxins to start from the right foot.

Foods Perfect For A Cure Detox Before And After The Holidays

Here are the best detox foods to incorporate into your diet to cleanse your interior without suffering the frustrations that can cause a slimming diet.

01. Food Detox: lemon

True King of the detox, it favors the elimination of toxins and fats that lodge in the body.
In addition, it is full of potassium and vitamin C. And many scientific studies show that lemon is effective in the prevention of cancers, it reduces cholesterol in the blood and it boosts the immune system.

02. Food Detox: carrot

No, eat carrots is not just to keep her tan. It is also a vegetable full of antioxidant. Very rich in potassium, carrot promotes renal Towing and fibers regulate transit. Eat-in, your body you say thank you!

03. Food Detox: artichoke

The artichoke is a true ally of the liver that helps to purify them. It promotes urinary excretion of toxins and thanks to its high potassium capacity is also diuretic. But consumption also impacts on renewal cell. Finally, the last significant info: artichoke is an appetite suppressant diet effective. If you’re dieting, think about it!

04. Food Detox: pineapple

Known for its digestive properties due to the enzymes it contains, the pineapple is a food burns fat.
But contrary to what one might think, its benefits are not hiding in the fruit … but in her rod! Indeed, it is that which contains the “bromelain” that famous enzyme that destroys cellulite tissues.

05. Food Detox: beet

Seen in its color: the beetroot contains many antioxidants! But it also participates in the regulation of transit and promotes the breakdown of fats. Consume raw or cooked, beets is friends with our lives.

06. Food Detox: Kiwi

This is the anti-aging fruit par excellence. Full of antioxidants and vitamin C, it preserves your youthfulness from within. But that’s not all. The kiwi is also very known to promote intestinal transit … Sure it’s not very glamorous, but it’s good!

07. Food Detox: apple

Excellent for health, the benefits of the apple are found mainly in the skin.
So no need to peel the fruit before eating it! By crunching teeth into the apple, avoids fat absorption and provides the body Vitamin C in abundance!

08. Food Detox: garlic

Containing sulfur, garlic promotes the creation of the famous white blood cells, which allows removing toxins that are found in the body.

So feel free to add in your dishes.

09. Detox foods: cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower & co.

Great news: the raw cabbage contains as much vitamin C than an orange!
Then remember to eat regularly. All cabbages are powerful antioxidants and help the liver get rid of toxins through their sulfur composition.

10. Food Detox: grapefruit

Very light in calories, grapefruit is beneficial for heart function and also lends her cholesterol-lowering properties and anti-diabetes. This citrus fruit also contains vitamin B5, which aims to strengthen nails and hair. Finally, it is also a powerful antioxidant. It thus acts against aging!

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