5 Foods That Harm Your Skin Health Causes of The Problems


Foods fight but you can not forget about the diet, which plays an important role in the fight for smooth radiant skin.

It is no secret that the perfect tone of a person depends on many factors, so the general skin condition should be considered holistically. Stress, hormones, lack of sleep – these are the main causes of the problems with appearance.

Among your favorite “goodies” certainly there are products, not the best way affect the color and clarity of the skin. If you want, to be reflected in the mirror is always uplifting, rather than depressing, reconsider your diet and excluding:

Foods That Harm Your Skin


A number of clinical studies supporting a link between the use of ” Milk “and the appearance of acne. And especially for products with high fat content. In addition, lactose (milk sugar) stimulates insulin synthesis, which adversely affects the condition of the skin. Thus, to avoid the appearance of redness and lesions, it is better not getting too carried away with milk.


The facial skin is very responsive to the consumption of foods with high levels of sugar. Try not to eat chocolates and pastries at least a week and you will notice the result! Very often the cause of acne is getting the love of sweets.

Dried fruits

Besides the obvious sweets and cakes to a group of “at risk”are and dried fruits. Not many people know , that the content of sugar are rather high , namely – a dried apples 81% sugar , in pears – 62%, the amount of sugar in raisins – 59% dried apricots – 53% and , finally , prunes – 38 %. Admit it, it’s solid!

Quick-cooking cereals and muesli

Due to the lack of grease manufacturers often increase the amount of sugar, so the “convenient” cereals sugar level often reaches 56% in cereals – 55%.

Pepper and spicy

Lovers of spicy food, too, should think: it increases the body temperature, thereby expanding the blood vessels. As a consequence, the “sharp little” can cause irritation and redness of the skin tender.

To achieve smooth complexion should be included in the diet of foods, rich in B vitamins, A and E. They promote nutrition and hydration of the skin, and prevent premature aging. So, you should like:

  • Some vegetables, which will help the skin to shine and to be truly healthy, this carrots, potatoes, spinach, broccoli, squash, tomatoes and green cabbage.
  • Melon and apricots. They are very useful for digestion, and therefore, will help to avoid problems with the skin, caused by malnutrition.
  • The next trip to the store is required to remember about these types of fish, like herring, carp and chum.
  • A large number of valuable Vitamin E is found in green, oats and nuts. But it is worth remembering about the fat content of the latter is the best of them, preferably in the morning.
  • Loyal assistant in the fight for the radiance of the skin will also be fresh juices, especially good for our purpose beet and citrus, unless, of course, you have no allergy to them.

Important: you can not drink fruit juice every day because it contained fructose ( we have seen , that sugar in any form can cause rashes), but when used 1-2 times a week drink only good for you.

Do not forget about another important rule: to help improve the complexion separate power supply, which, moreover, will help to lose a few extra kilos!

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