Foot Care Ideas – Best Pedicure at Home: Well-Groomed Summer Feet


This is how the pedicure succeeds at home: Well-groomed feet are a must in summer. With our instructions, you can do the perfect pedicure in your own home in just a few steps

1. Remove Paint Residue And Make A Foot Bath

First, the old paint is removed with a mild nail polish remover, with a soaked cotton swab you get well into the corners. The nails underneath are yellowish? Then dip your toes in lemon juice for five minutes. The acid helps to reduce discoloration.

Now comes the relaxed part: A warm foot bath at a pleasant 37 degrees. This softens the skin nicely, prepares the feet optimally for the next steps. Boil the water with salt from the Dead Sea and olive oil.

So the skin does not dry out while bathing and rough areas become suppler.

2. Remove The Cornea

Although cornea does not look pretty, without this natural protective layer we would feel every step painfully while walking. That’s why it’s important that you do not remove too much.

Moreover, the hardening then even increases. It is best to use a gentle pumice stone, a special file or an electric remover, and make sure that the skin always feels supple.

Corneal peels with pumice and salt particles are particularly gentle. From planes and rasps with sharp blades please keep your hands off. The risk of injury is too big!

3. Push Back The Cuticle And Cut The Nails

Now it’s time to fine-tune. After the bath, the cuticle can be gently pushed into the correct nail bed with a rosewood stick. The cuticle must not be cut, as it is very sensitive and can inflame quickly.

The toenails are easier to cut after staying in the water and do not splinter. For cutting, use a nail nipper. Then smooth the nail tip with a file and round off edges and corners. So the nail can not tear so easily.

Attention: Do not file the nails too much, otherwise they can grow in

4. Cream And Pamper

Please take time for this part! Because a gentle cream massage not only stimulates the blood circulation, it is above all very relaxing. Rich shea butter or precious jojoba oil creams moisturize and smooth the skin.

For rough areas, special foot creams with urea and salicylic acid help. For extra tender feet, leave a thick layer of cream under cotton socks at night.

5. Apply Nail Polish

Your nails should be completely dry and free of creamy residue before applying the nail polish. So nothing blurs toe-squeeze between your toes.

Then let’s start: Start with a base coat, which protects the nails from discoloration. Then comes the color. Be sure to always paint from the nail tip to the tip.

Never apply the brush directly to the cuticle. The first brush stroke should run vertically over the middle of the nail, and then paint right and left. An overcoat seals the paint and makes it last longer.

Pretty feet! Tips for the right foot care and pedicure to do it yourself

Summer is here and the sandal season has begun. Your feet are not yet 100% open air suitable? Then come here the best tips for beautiful feet!

Hach, we love the summer! Because when the temperatures rise, we can finally grace our feet with beautiful and stylish sandals . So that the feet are presentable, they must be cared for.

We’ll give you simple tips and tricks on how to care for your feet and just do a pedicure on your own at home.

Time to relax: relaxation for the feet

Run, run, climb stairs and look great in high heels : Our feet have to do a lot. No wonder that our feet hurt after a particularly stressful day and in some even swollen. Pay a little attention to your feet and give them a special kind of care.

Beautiful Foot care at home Step 1: A foot bath cleanses and cares

Every foot care starts with a foot bath. This not only relaxes, but prepares the skin and nails optimally for the subsequent treatment. Problem areas such as calloused, chapped skin or thick, unyielding nails are “soft-washed”.

Here’s how:

Fill a small tub with approx. 37 degrees warm water and bathe your feet in it for around five minutes. Longer not, otherwise the skin will be wrinkled and can not be processed well.

With additives specifically for foot baths you can enrich the water with active ingredients: salicylic acid makes rough areas supple, vegetable oils provide for re-fatting and essential oils such as mint or rosemary have a deodorizing effect on the skin and stimulating the senses.

Our tip: make yourself a bath! Simply add three tablespoons Dead Sea salt and a cup of olive oil in ten liters of water. The oil-salt mix makes the skin supple and receptive to subsequent care.

Foot care at home Step 2: Effective and long-term removal of the cornea

If the foot is deeply relaxed and supple, you can move the unsightly cornea on heels, balls and toes on the Pelle. A pumice stone or a broad corneal file is best used as a tool.

From planing or rasping you should rather leave the fingers or the feet. Pedicure beginners can quickly injure themselves on sharp blades or spikes.

Important: Do not wear too much cornea. In between, you should always feel how the skin feels. Everything that is rough and callous may go away.

But some calluses definitely need your soles. With this natural protective layer, you can withstand the daily stresses while running. Even minor injuries run from less serious when the foot is protected at heel and ball by something cornea.

Those who are very prone to cornea may use special foot creams to counter corneal formation.

Get beautiful feet: do the pedicure yourself

After a relaxing massage and a foot bath, your feet are perfectly prepared for a pedicure . We will explain how you can do the pedicure yourself in simple steps.

Do the Foot care at home Step 1: Cut the nails

Now it’s up to the nails: Shorten the toenails best with a nail scissors. Unlike fingernails, however, the length and shape of toenails is not a matter of taste but of convenience:

The nail should end with the toe – too long nails disturb in closed shoes when rolling the foot. The nail tip should be cut straight. Resist the urge to pick the corners! Nail bed inflammation and ingrown nails could be the result.

If you notice that your nails are white-yellowish or brown discolored as well as brittle or flaky, you might have haunted the common nail fungus.

In the case of the cases applies: Doktertert not around it, but consult a dermatologist. It goes without saying that such nails should be treated quickly and not simply “painted over”.

Do the pedicure yourself. Step 2: Remove files and cuticles

Feel your toenails then still in shape: A sand leaf or glass file smoothes the nail tip best, thus protecting them from tearing.

Important Foot care at home: Always file from the sides to the middle of the nail and do not grate wildly back and forth! This just roughens the nail and promotes tearing.

Then back wildly proliferating cuticles on the body. Push back the protruding skin with a rosewood stick or a so-called “horsefeet”.

Important: Be very careful, otherwise the sensitive cuticle will become inflamed. Never cut the cuticles with a pair of scissors! On the one hand, you can hurt yourself, on the other hand, you encourage so that the delicate to reborn. The cuticle then only grows stronger afterward.

Especially sturdy cuticles you can soften before with cuticle remover. But if you use this manicurist step after every second shower, the skin is already soft and it does not come that far.

Doing the pedicure yourself Step 3: Paint your nails effectively

The shiny end of every pedicure is nail polish ! This not only makes the toes look very well-groomed, but also becomes a stylish statement.

Creamy pastel shades, shimmering metallic shades, semi-transparent nude facets and bright blue or turquoise: (almost) all colors are allowed in summer! Before applying the paint you can compensate for unevenness of the nail plate with a base coat.

For very intense paints a base coat protects the nail from discolouring. Do not paint the big toe nail with a colored nail polish, but leave a few millimeters free on the sides. This makes the nail look narrower. With a top coat you can then seal the paint job, then the work of art keeps extra long.

Treat your toenails during the outdoor season also paint-free times. The problem is less of the nail polish than the aggressive nail polish remover . She should only come into contact with the nail plate and skin for as short a time as possible.

Do the pedicure yourself Step 4: Cream your beautiful feet in the end

A care with a rich cream forms the crowning glory of the beauty program for beautiful feet. For example, apply a general-purpose cream and massage it well. For especially soft skin, you can apply a thick layer of cream under cotton socks overnight.

Special foot creams provide an additional plus in active ingredients: Especially products with urea (urea) and salicylic acid have been proven in studies as good weapons against rough areas. Both substances moisturize and effectively reduce the cornea.

Deodorizing agents such as farnesol make life difficult for odor-causing bacteria. Special foam creams are extremely quick to absorb and are perfect for those who want to get away from foot care immediately after foot care.

After this last step, your feet are ready for a show in open shoes. Treat yourself to a portion of cream between two pedicures – your feet will thank you with soft, silky skin – for a whole summer!

Well-Groomed Foot: Pedicure Tips For The Home

When we show our feet in sandals in the summer, well-groomed toes are a must – and you can get them even without a visit to the beauty salon: Shelookbook gives tips on how to easily carry out a pedicure for beautiful summer feet at home.

Well-groomed feet are a must in summer. We will show you step by step how a professional pedicure works at home.

Foot care
Foot Care at Home

In summer, women attach great importance to well-groomed feet.

But there is not always time for a pedicure visit to the beauty salon – and that’s not necessary. With the right utensils and a few tips, you can save on the expensive foot care appointment and easily get your feet up to scratch.

Shelookbook shows how your feet get sandal-ready in five steps and what to look for in the pedicure.

Pedicure at home – 5 steps for well-groomed feet

1. Soak feet

To prepare the pedicure, soak your feet in 37 degrees warm water to soften the cornea and nails. A five to ten minute footbath is enough – otherwise the skin becomes too crumpled for subsequent treatment.

A great alternative to bath products with herbs or high salt content is a homemade milk foot bath. Mix milk and water in a 1: 1 ratio and leave your feet in the bath for five to ten minutes.

2. Remove the cornea

If you regularly apply foot scrubs, you will reduce corneal formation in the long-term and will not have to grind or file them. You can make an effective exfoliation yourself: Mix sugar with olive oil and rub your feet with it.

The sugar removes dead skin particles, while the olive oil has a nourishing effect and prepares the feet for further pedicure treatments. In the drugstore you will find special foot scrubs that remove dander and corneas from pumice particles.

That betrays your fingernails about your health!

Persistent corneas can be removed with a pumice or corneal file. The heel should always be filed in the direction of the toes. Wild back and forth strain the skin unnecessarily.

Corning is caused by friction and pressure – treating your feet too often can even promote callus formation as the skin’s natural protective mechanism sets in.

3. Form nails

After the bath, the nails are softer and can be easily cut or cut with a nail clipper. Small corners can be straightened with a file.

Caution is advised for too short nails:

The nails should always end at the level of the tip of the toe – the nails are shorter, this promotes ingrown corners, as well as to round filed nails.

Foot care at home: Follow the natural shape of your nails, but rather file straight than round. Glass files are particularly gentle on the nail. The abrasive grains are incorporated into the glass during manufacture, which makes them not only gentler but also durable.

If you carry out regular pedicure treatments at home, it pays to invest in professional equipment: Electrically operated, professional manicure / pedicure sets contain various attachments such as sapphire discs, which gently cut and shape thick toenails. The set usually includes sapphire cones that remove calluses and cornea, as well as a felt cone that subsequently polishes the nail.

4. Painting

You can paint your nails with either plain paint or shellac. This special UV varnish keeps splinter-free for up to four weeks and can be applied just like normal nail polish at home. With conventional nail polish, you should use a base coat to prevent yellowish discoloration, fill grooves and make the paint more durable.

Lacquered from the nail tip to the tip and from the nail center to the outside. To visually narrow the nail, leave a little space at the edges. Special care products provide with keratin for strengthening the nails.

Alternative to painting:

Special polishing files and blocks smooth the nail surface with microfine abrasive particles and thus replace the paint.

However, these should be used at most once a week, as the nail is minimally polished every time it is polished and becomes too thin if used too frequently. Then apply a little nail oil – it nourishes and gives the toenails even more shine.

5. Creaming

It is important for soft feet to apply cream at the end of the pedicure treatment. For this purpose, it is best to use a foot cream with urea content, which reduces the formation of cornea. Especially caring: After applying cream, put on cotton socks and let it soak overnight.

How to Apply Foot Care

Become the owner of a beautiful pink five-co-peck coin and pedicure can each. For this we need to take care of your feet is not less carefully than the face, hair and hands.

The beauty of the care of feet is that it does not need to visit beauty salons. Just one trip to the master pedicure a month and everything else you can do at home.

Foot Massagers

The legs are very fond of baths. This can be a cleansing bath with baking soda and liquid soap or toning bath with common salt after the procedure, legs need to rinse in cold water.

You can make a calming and soothing foot bath with herbs, St. John’s suit, nettle, flax seed, chamomile, pine needles and calendula. Love the legs and contrast baths.

Skin Cleansing Feet

Skin of the feet should be cleaned regularly. This should be done after a hot bath. To clean the coarse skin, you can use foot scrub or pumice stone. You can also use the sanding nail file to five-co-peck coin.

Masks Foot

Skin of the feet can and should indulge vitamin mask of sour cream, cottage cheese, fruit, lemon juice and olive oil. You can put on your feet warm mush of steamed herbs. This beauty will help your legs become soft and gentle

Meals Feet

After the baths to lubricate and cleanse the skin of the feet with a nourishing cream and Massage you’re them. It is desirable prodelivat this procedure a couple of times a week.

Foot care at home
Foot care at home

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