The Magic Technique That Prevents Foot Pain In Heels


Wear heels, it lengthens the silhouette, it makes chic jeans the most basic, it is class. But wearing heels sometimes (often) hurts. If your closet is packed with pretty pairs of heeled shoes that you never put on, this technique should talk to you.

This is the wedding of your best friend. You have chosen a pair of gorgeous gold pumps that you wear proudly. But from the beginning of the cocktail, you start to suffer. And before you even go to the table, you have traded your superb heels against a pair of flat sandals. A good word…

A small piece of adhesive tape to wear heels all evening

Who has never dreamed of being able to chain the subway, the working day, the aperitif with the girlfriends and the dinner at the restaurant proudly sporting a nice pair of high heels? But Carrie Bradshaw does not want to …

In order not to suffer the martyr, there is nevertheless an unstoppable technique according to the Net surfers who have tested it. It would suffice to attach two toes together with a piece of adhesive tape. Tying the 3rd and 4th toes with each other would avoid feeling pain in the soles of the foot. To avoid hurting feet in heels, you would just have to do this.

A technique tested and approved to avoid having foot pain in heels

This is a technique that few people know, while many fashionistas have been using it for a long time. Kendall Jenner, for example, puts it into practice whenever she wears heels.

This technique would work with all types of heel shoes. With boots, closed shoes or low-cut pumps no problem. With sandals or high-heeled shoes, this piece of plaster must be placed in a strategic place so that it is invisible.

In any case, to avoid the heels being a torture, there are not 50 solutions. There are removable heels or that. So, are we trying?

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