The French Beret Returns! How To Wear A Beret In An Effortless


The French beret is one of the hottest winter accessories coming!

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Elegant, sophisticated, revolutionary, bohemian, luxurious, this versatile accessory has once again become a fashion item.

There is something in a French beret that makes us look safe and fearless.

The power to turn from something simple to something unforgettable!

French Beret

Let’s look at his story a bit, but also how to wear a beret in an effortless, beautiful way!

His real origins are from southern France. The inhabitants of the Oloron-Sainte-Marie area were mass-produced in the 19th century.

the French military and navy uniform for more than a century.

The Stereotype Of Revolution, Intellect And … Fashion!

The painter Rembrandt and composer Richard Wagner, among others, wore a beret. The berets also wore bebop and jazz musicians such as Dizzy Gillespie, Gene Krupa, Wardell Gray, and Thelonious Monk. But also Ernest Hemingway, Picasso, John Lennon.

It gained political charm when it was adopted as a show of aesthetics for the new revolution.

During the troubled 60s, the leather beret was part of the “outfit” even of the Black Panthers in the US.

Classic Beret On The Side Look, Charlotte Rampling, Marlene Ditrich, Loren Bocc
Charlotte Rampling with a classic beret and Richard Burton in 1974 // Marlene Dietrich wore a beret in her movies but also in her real-life // Loren Bocc with a beard worn on the side and a look all the charm

Important moments of beer are also when Coco Chanel wore it or when it became a major part of Dior for decades.

These classic flax hats, which have always been of a military character, have gone through the most recent story with Clondia Shiffer and Naomi Campbell on the Azzalin Alaia catwalk in 1991 and as the creation of Alessandro Michele for Gucci.

The Fashion Hit For Autumn-Winter 2021

Without disappearing over the years, it has rebounded dramatically on the catwalks, and we have seen the beret in all the fashion weeks making it one of the hottest winter accessories coming!

The fashion industry always reflects the time we live in. In a politically charged landscape, the French beret finds its way to the catwalks.

This, of course, does not mean that Karl Lagerfeld uses the beer for Chanel in the same way that Che Guevara did, but his roots always retain a political symbolism.

Che Guevara Wore Beret Hat-Symbol
Since Che Guevara wore a beret, it became the hat-symbol of independence and revolution

So how do we wear them now? Avoid anything exaggerated, so you do not look like a Parisian … parody. The beret of the season should be “loose” in our head, covering half the ears and well-grounded … otherwise, how do you lead the revolution if you are afraid that the hat will leave you on the way!

The types of berets and what’s right for you?

Another matter is which beer style to choose as there is plenty on the market. With a visor, slogan, decorative motifs? And what material?

The classic material is wool and monochrome, black, blue, gray, the cream is the basic colors. The berets in white or cream are perfect for an ethereal, female laugh.

Skin is the best way to express your revolutionary character, but if embellished.

You incorporate dynamic style into a more feminine side. If you choose a bere of leather, be sure to have a bigger cornice, but also be of soft material.

Colored Beer: This year’s fashion has an entire color palette for a more playful and imaginative result. Some of the most fashionable colors are mustard, red, burgundy, blue-blue, dark green but also pink!

For evening performances: If you choose this, it should be smaller in shape and volume, prefer something from satin or velvet and wear it on the side of the head.

As for materials, besides wool and leather, look for a soft luxury cashmere beret, elegant lace, shiny silk but also classic tweed.

Classic Beard Black Beret Wore Diana, Brigitte Bardo
Diana with a classic beard and plaid slimming // Brigitte Bardo with black beret in glamorous and mysterious poses
Bella Hadid Stunning Beret Cruise Collection
Bella Hadid has an overwhelmingly stunning beer for Chanel’s Cruise Collection
Autumn Winter French Beret
On the autumn 2018-winter 2019: Carousel for Versace // In Gucci with impressive designs that give style to our everyday dress // Ellie Saab
Velvet And Knitted, Red Leather Beret For Autumn Winter
Classic fashion is woven fabrics, leather or velvet and knitted, fashion versions are many // Dior red leather beret that has become emblematic for the house
French Beret With Combine Color, Red, Pink, Black For Autumn Winter
The beige in beige or cream color is an impeccable feminine choice // A beige-trimmed beard combined with red for an impressive result // Leather beard with corn and preppy look // And the color of the beret … pink!
Stars French Beret
Inspiration from Che’s Beer with Small Stars in Its Modern Version for Dynamic Appearance
Holding The Hair In The French Beret Hat
If you want to experiment with the colors. choose your bere according to the final style. you want to put it on the side or holding the hair in the hat

Ideas to wear it in style!

  • Wear a classic beret with gloves and scarves for a long-lasting, elegant look as if sprung from a noir film … The combination with a classic gabardine and boots is an ace in your sleeve!
  • On the other hand: if you want to experiment with the colors.
  • for example, wear a red beret, red lipstick, a simple sweater in black.
  • You will have a romantic Parisian look.
  • Wear leather or tweed beret with your jeans or leather pants.
  • You are in the spirit of a dynamic appearance like with high black boots.
  • Follow the spirit of Dior and wear a black leather beret with silk, a molded dress, and a long coat.
  • Fashion and braided beads that are perfect for more casual appearances. Wear them with jeans, skirts, and boots.
  • Wear it with a turtleneck and classic Ray-Ban for a biting style.
  • A bohemian style to wear your berets with skirts and large, striking jewels.
  • For a more feminine style, nail a bead-ankle or rhinestone nail into your berets.
  • You wear a black beret on business appointment.
  • A pinstripe costume and you are as dynamic and serious as you need!

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