French Makeup! The Tricks Of The Perfect French Stars Beauty Secrets


French makeup and beauty secrets from French stars

The casualness may be in their genes. But the rest is a matter of styling. And that’s what we’re going to do now: Treat your reflection to the ultimate French chic. Five steps to a fine French makeup look.

French Makeup For French Women

French women makeup

The alcohol and nicotine are the deadly sins of beauty, everyone knows. But French women do not care. You sit with a pleasurable self-evident in the street café; a glass of red wine in one hand, a cigarette in the other and a man at each finger lying at their feet. But what do these women have, what we do not have? Quite simply, they have created a look that does not live on looks but on charisma.

It’s about informal nonchalance that just feels good – and automatically looks like that. And that works outside of Paris as well. voila; French make-up to imitate:

Red For Cheeks and Lips

Pale is adorable

This elegant paleness makes typical French make-up not only extra noble but also super healthy. Sausage-brown sun kisses are known to have all kinds of long-term consequences that do not only harm the appearance but also the skin’s health.

The basis of any French makeup, however, is a complete sunscreen – SPF both in the daycare, as well as in the Foundation – the complexion of Elfenbein art and super healthy radiate.

Blemish instead of dull

If you look closely, you quickly realize that French make-up is anything but perfect. Red wine and cigarettes just do not stay without traces. Small shadows under the eyes or even delicate wrinkles are neither rare nor a shame.

On the contrary, a true Frenchwoman stands by her lines of life and wears it with pride. Wrinkles and shadows are nourished with intensive moisturizers and dabbed with some highlighter rather than covered with rigid make-up layers. The attempt to hide hides in most cases makeshift.

The French chic but lives on its luminosity and therefore prefers small mistakes in the purchase, instead of hiding everything.

A little trick: If you feel completely naked without a foundation, simply mix a few drops of care oil into the foundation. The oil makes the look more transparent and radiant.

Red for cheeks and lips

French Girl Look thrives on noble restraint – unless it’s about lips and cheeks. Here, color freshness is in demand and wanted. Red lipstick is by far not just reserved for the outfit styling, but may and will be worn around the clock. The same applies to the fresh blush. French women never give up on rouge.

Rouge creates what only a half-hour endurance in the fresh air otherwise creates: It makes the complexion glow super rosy and healthy.

Important when applying: Rouge is applied circularly in French Chic, instead of being given as a conspicuous contouring line on the cheeks.

Dark Brows and Eyelashes

French nonchalance dispenses with a lot of bells and whistles. The look includes what looks natural. Not more. Dark eyebrows give the face a proud contour while dense and black washed lashes provide captivating glances. That was it already. No gaudy or sparkly eye shadow. And nothing else that would make the French look unnecessarily constructed.

Undone Hair

French women do not have to make an effort to look good. You just look so good. And that is exactly the language her hairstyle speaks for. The middle parted and dried in the air, the hair gets this casual undone finish.

At least in theory. In practice, one may quietly help a little. For example, with dry shampoo on the lugs, which ensures natural volume. Or Beach Wave Spray, which gives the hairstyle this casual look.

Because French Chic is: French women do not always look absolutely perfect. They still love their reflection. And it is precisely from this love of self that we like to cut a slice.

French Stars Beauty Makeup Secrets

French Stars Beauty Makeup! Berenice Bejo to Jenifer through Doria Tillier, the French celebrities are also adopting the prettiest beauty trends. Hair squared, graphic liner and dark mouth … It is time to take some notes, learn from these beauty looks for a comeback in style.

French Stars Beauty Makeup

The french stars beauty makeup looks of the stars on the red carpet are often inspired, if not always, the beauty looks of top models on the catwalk. There is little, we were just talking about the latest trends seen on the catwalk makeup. Rehabilitated, revisited and simplified these warnings beauty is then easier to wear than those that can be seen at parades.

French Stars Beauty Makeup Secrets

Berenice bejo adopts the trend of dark lips. Her red plum lips goes perfectly with her complexion and dark hair … She knows how to value her strengths with a simple color lipstick, the rest of her makeup and her hair are very simple.

The singer Jenifer, meanwhile, raised centerpiece in terms of applying eyeliner. The graphic line on the eyelid is no secret to it. It ends in a perfectly nice black point; enough to give a dimension to a slightly retro beauty look simple.

The liner is also coming back in full force for proof; Alexa Chung has been recruited by a British makeup brand to develop eyeliner.

graphic liner + black point to the corners of the eyes brings a retro dimension to her makeup.
The singer Jenifer has mastered the art of graphic liner. Her little black point to the corners of the eyes brings a retro dimension to her makeup.

The lovely Lea Seydoux opted for a mellow smile through her lipstick with a matte finish.

A makeup trend that keeps growing … The glosses textures remain on the front of the stage but the mat gaining popularity this winter.

Astrid Berges-Frisby dares smoky eye color, choosing to perform in a deep blue night … A marvel. Leila Bekhti, sublime muse L’Oreal, prefers the timeless chic of smoky black, a safe bet for beauty.

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