Frozen Nails White and Silver for Christmas


Frozen nails to put in context, I wanted a cold and timeless manicure for Christmas. To complicate my research, I also needed a manicure for Christmas that is attached to my outfit of the day, and I can keep it with my Christmas dress tomorrow. So I went on a white nail polish with a hint of silver mirror to bring light.

Frozen nails is most of you who read me, I am currently in my family to spend the holiday season. I carry my world in my suitcase and with me; it is difficult to keep all my pretty things needed in a small suitcase … So I had to settle for less than 10 nail polish, base and top coat included. In fact, the contents of a small box empty chocolate converted into a suitcase protector varnish.

Frozen Nails Designs Ideas For Christmas

Frozen Nails

I wanted to show you a manicure Christmas Angel with flakes stamping, but I had no plate stamping Christmas.

I wanted to add French in silver glitter with beautiful glitter my Essie “set in stones” but she remained in Paris.

In short, with if we do not get things done! So I looked for something simple with varnish to me and here is the result:

Finally, I am quite satisfied with the final result and I much prefer this to the manicure in blue and silver.

To achieve these nails Christmas Angel, I started with a base coat to protect my nails Essie.

Nails Frozen White and Silver for Christmas-03

Then I applied a thick layer of pearly white Sephora “Pearl Necklace” For thick layer truth, I did not really have a choice because mine is getting old and like some nail polish Sephora, it is part of those who become pasty with age… The pearl white is a difficult color to apply; it must pay attention to visible brush strokes! For my part, I do not because I would buy advantage of private sales Essie to buy me a new pearly white of the Essie brand at the same price as this polish Sephora!

Nails Frozen White and Silver for Christmas-01

Anyway, I applied my better pearly white for a very opaque and uniform color. Then I Stampe pattern on the top right of the Konad m71 plate & these small flower pattern mesh way. These flowers Konad remind me of the kinds of snowdrops and this is the closest Christmas I had at my disposal pattern. I could also use the node to gift packages, but I want to stay sober and stamping money on white seemed more appropriate.

Nails Frozen White and Silver for Christmas-02

Frozen nail stamping, I used the “Rock” of Sephora a beautiful metallic silver mirror. It is perfect for stamping, not too thick and not too thin either (the ideal consistency for konad plates) Pigmentation is very strong, so it is visible and opaque.

Nails Frozen White and Silver for Christmas-04

I do not usually wear white on my nails but I must admit that the rendering is very bright and brings freshness to the outfit! Anyway, I have my Christmas manicure, its good!

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