The New Fungus Slimming Method Of The Stars, Soup Diet or Pineapple


After the diet cabbage soup diet or the pineapple, it’s the turn of the fungus plan to talk about her. It would be the new favorite slimming method of stars! It tells you everything you need to know!

The fungus regime: in practice

The fungus diet, also known as the ” M-Plan ” (Plan Mushroom) is to replace one of the three daily meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner) by a plate made entirely of mushrooms, and for fourteen consecutive days.

To fully enjoy the benefits of mushrooms, it is best to eat them raw! Long cooking and high temperature could destroy the vitamins and essential minerals for good health.

The benefits of mushrooms

They also contain many vitamins, including B vitamins essential for the functioning of the nervous and digestive systems, as well as vitamin K and vitamin D.

The proteins they contain make it a real natural appetite suppressant and avoid melting the muscle mass during a diet.

Finally, fungi are also rich in minerals, in particular, iron, zinc, and selenium. They are therefore true allies slimming since it recognizes an average of 25 calories per 100 grams of mushrooms.

The fungus regime: beware of excesses

If the fungus regime appears attractive in view of the rapid weight loss that can be observed, it is not without risk.

Indeed, the fungus plan is part of low-calorie diets, i.e. it provides a few calories to the body. If it was said that this new slimming method allowed losing hips, arms or thighs without losing chest is actually a mistake.

Indeed, no regime really helps to lose weight in a targeted manner. To refine a particular part of the body, it must turn to sport and especially fitness.

Also, mushroom diet can lead to significant weight gain once the person finds her usual diet: the famous yo-yo effect.

The person who follows her will not learn to balance its supply and thus may end her bad eating habits once the terminated plan. Note also that even if the fungus has many benefits, it does not cover alone all the human body needs.

After a moment, strokes and deficiencies thus may appear! Finally, the frustration caused by this diet can also be the cause of eating disorders.

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