Furla Candy Handbag and Colorful Accessories Collection Summer Season


Furla Candy Handbags, the legendary trunk PVC, back in the hot season in a series of new models in trendy colors that will go crazy lovers of playful and colorful accessories.

Furla Candy Handbags spring summer new models in PVC

In the new catalog Furla handbags spring summer, could not miss the Candy Bag, the legendary brand in PVC bags that have won the hearts of fashionistas who love colorful looks and saucy. The plastic bags are now present in the lines of accessories brand more famous and, in spite of this spring will focus mainly on leather accessories, many brands like Furla did not hesitate to include them in their new collections. Here are the Furla bags pvc in the catalog, including ongoing and new models.Furla Candy Handbag

Among the new spring and summer there is the Candy Bag PVC bowling bag and straw that make some really suitable for the summer season comes in blue and yellow, and costs 350 Euros. It ‘ also a novelty candy bag with white leather inserts calf (280 EUR ), which is used at the bottom of the bag and the handles, and the contrast between the colors and the excessive mix of materials makes me prefer the other model decidedly more harmonized.Furla Candy Handbag

Among the classics is the Candy Bag pvc calf leather and (320 € ) in which the two tones of the bag are coordinated and never in contrast, among the models is the most chic leather pvc clear and green very lively but chic.Furla Candy Handbag

The most basic trunk pvc (180 EUR ), which plays with the color of three colors, while, in line with the latest trends, Furla also offers mini-shoulder bag to show off entirely PVC (98 euro ).Furla Candy Handbag

A small perplexity: these bags are, on the whole, really delicious but will not spend much more than 300 € for a pvc bag Furla even signed and built with great attention to detail? Have your say!

Photos Source By Furla

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