Galaxy Note III Will Have a 5.99-Inch Screen 8 Core Chips?


Galaxy Note III, Korean technology company Samsung is reportedly designing a smartphone device “hybrid” tablet with a screen size of 5.99-inch core Exynos processor use 8, which most likely is the Galaxy Note 3rd generation. Information on both the South Korean newspaper The Korea Times quoted an anonymous source from Samsung revealed.

“Samsung is preparing to introduce a phablet (hybrid smartphone tablets) with new 5.9-inch screen using OLED technology” Samsung said sources.

The source added that Samsung’s new products will use Exynos processor core Octa 8 Korean technology firm just unveiled at CES 2013. This helps users meet the processing speed and data download speeds when using this equipment.

Galaxy Note III
Samsung will continue to increase the screen size of the new generation Galaxy Note

Galaxy Note III 5.99-Inch Screen 8 Core Chips

Samsung’s move is said to harden its position on segment phablet, which are two Chinese technology firms ZTE and Huawei strong competition in recent years by the sample size products big screen. Recently, ZTE and Huawei has launched two new phablet turn screen size 5.8-inch to 6-inch.

There is market phablet still not much real competition in the smartphone segment, so Samsung still want to maximize this potential segment with new products.

Although the source of the Samsung did not reveal new products is Galaxy Note III or not but most likely this is the 3rd version of Galaxy Note, the phablet was very successful Samsung. Up to the present time, Samsung has sold 10 million Galaxy Note II since this product was released in September last year.

With size 5-inch or 6-inch is still consistent with the size of the media pants pocket. Users increasingly love the large screen phones and they use them more often. Samsung will continue to focus more and large phone “the anonymous source of the Samsung explains why Galaxy Note III is wider screen size.

According to this source, the product is expected to be launched in the second half of this year.

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