Galaxy S4 is Not Adequate ‘Big Boys’ Who Will Dominate?

Samsung has officially launched the super-Galaxy S4 with great hardware specs and features “exclusive” but the design of the machine mode “too popular”.

Galaxy S4 equipped with a 5-inch screen Full HD, 8-core processors or quad core depending on market, 2GB RAM 2-megapixel camera on the front and 13 mega pixel cameras on the back, support 3G / 4G with many features “exclusive” no-touch waves can also control screen, eye gesture tracking…

About the specs that Samsung launched Galaxy S4 is a great device configuration and software features. However, it is worth mentioning is the exterior design. Product does not look much different than its predecessor Galaxy S3 but thinner lighter and slightly larger.

Galaxy S4 5-inch Screen Full HD

Galaxy S4 has a sharp screen, bright and very sensitive, responsive nails and gloves.

Galaxy S4 has a sharp screen, bright and very sensitive, responsive nails and gloves.

According to BGR, if the first time you hold the iPhone 5, HTC One or even the Nokia Lumia 920, you will be impressed with the quality of the design with this device, you can immediately feel our value of 600 USD or more. Meanwhile, the design of the Galaxy S4 quite like a more popular product is a high-end device.

Can say, Galaxy S4 better than Galaxy S3, but they are still feeling very inexpensive for a high-end phone. Products are using polycarbonate plastic balls. According to analyst Brian White of Topeka Capital firm, Samsung Galaxy S4 really do much new with the Galaxy S3 but with effort it is very difficult to change “the game” and investors should caution.

Products Will Change “The Game”?

After Samsung launches Galaxy S4 event analyst Brian White wrote in a note Monday morning study 6 (15/3) that: “Samsung has introduced many exciting new features of the Galaxy S4 many of which we expect in the new smartphone. We see Galaxy S4 as a new product but not change the ‘game’. We believe the iPhone 5S will outsell Samsung’s new top smartphone during the second half of this year. We believe Apple will expand their world by the cheaper iPhone in 2013.

White said the display on the Galaxy S4 looks great but Galaxy S4 heavier still, “plump” and less refined than the iPhone 5.

We see the iPhone 5 is a work of art and the ability of Apple to provide a device with a larger screen 4S 4 inches compared to 3.5 inches but can create a thinner 18 products % lighter and 20% is a miracle. By comparing the 5-inch screen of Samsung Galaxy S4’s 4.8-inch Galaxy S3, only 8% thinner and lighter than 2%, on the other hand, iPhone 5 4% thinner and 14% lighter than the Galaxy S4 with 5S anticipated iPhone launch this summer, we believe that Apple can improve the advantage that more. addition, polycarbonate plastic shell (i.e. plastic) of the Galaxy S4 can not be compared in terms of the aesthetic with monolithic aluminum casing of the iPhone 5, “said Brian White confirmed.

Meanwhile, shortly after the end of the S4 premiere, HTC Director of Marketing – Jason MacKenzie – say, the Samsung looks like so much on marketing investment not creative. He felt afraid for Samsung and believes HTC One product is still leading the race, even for Galaxy S4. According to the officials the introduction of Samsung Galaxy S4 lacks many important features while a number of “new” that the company introduced on the stage for example, S-Translator, were present on some other Android models.

Your continued use of plastic also makes the larger screen makes Samsung’s new Galaxy becomes blurred the HTC one the official of HTC share.

Not only HTC One that many other serious competitor also has “revealed” such as the LG Optimus G Pro, Sony Xperia Z, BlackBerry upcoming Z10 and is the next generation of iPhone 5S. Therefore, the smartphone wars this year promises to be much hot as manufacturers seem to be exhausted creativity in design and are following the path.

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