Gel Nail Shape Tips – Perfect Stilettos Nails In Sharp Shapes Trend


Well-kept women’s hands include, without a doubt, beautiful stilettos nails. On the fingernails, you can conjure up unique works of art that turn your hands into a real eye-catcher and complete your outfit. Sometimes break your own nails. One way to make the stressed nails again radiant. we to make them stronger and more resistant would be to strengthen the nails with gel.

In today’s article, we would like to present the current trend. namely the attractive and eye-catching pointed gel nails. The gel nails pointed to file, various filing techniques, with which one can achieve the desired pointed shape offer. Let yourself be inspired by the many variations of the pointed gel nails.

Gel turns the pointed nails into an absolute eye-catcher

Gel nails are made with the material acrylate and cured under the influence of light. In general, gel nails are easy to model. which allows you to make a nice manicure even quite comfortable home. The gel nails can be designed in a variety of ways. If you want to wear your gel nails, you have nothing to prevent. The tapered nails look not only elegant and noble. but also have the advantage that you have no corners. that you can encounter during your daily activities. If you shape your gel nails. you can be sure that you will be attracted by this current form.

Blue Dress Form Gel Nails Pointed

Popular Nail Shapes For Attractive, Pointed Fingernails

If you have natural fingernails and if you want to attract attention with your manicure, you can shape your nails into stilettos. This form is challenging, feminine and modern. The stilettos are very long and are angled from the nail bed to the tip. The nail tip itself is not rounded and remains pointed. Many Stiletto wearers claim that you do not feel restricted in your everyday life by the nails in excess length. Everyday-appropriate or not, this variant of pointed nails is certainly needed.

Stiletto Blue Purple Pointed Apricot

If you have already decided on modern and elegant pointed nails. you need to consider how you will wear your Stiletto or Edge Nails. As already mentioned, the pointed nails offer many design possibilities. thanks to their shape, present many nail designs in an exciting and exciting way.

Nude Stilettos idea.

Stilettos in Nude, for example, look very discreet and well-maintained. If you want to create interesting accents. you can beam your pointed gel nails with glitter. Whether you are singing sparkling stones or spreading glitter over. the entire nail is completely up to you. If you do not really dare to try out a nonsense design. the Stiletto Nails and the pointedly shaped gel nails in a matte look would be a great idea.

Stiletto Gel Nails Painted White

French Gel Nails Look.

The French look is undoubtedly one of the long-term burners for stilettos, otherwise known as “pointy-nails”. Lace-edged gel nails look both stylish and well-groomed with a narrow, as well as a wide French tip. The French manicure emphasizes the extravagant nail shape in a subtle way.

Pattern Flowers French Gel Nails Pointed

If your fingernails are pointed and short, the Mountain Peak nail shape might be the right choice for you. This form is short stilettos. The fingernails are sharpened at the mountain peak from the nail bed to the tip. The bearers of this conspicuous form will undoubtedly attract enthusiastic glances. The form is daring, striking and extravagant.

Metallically brilliant mountain peak nails are a real eye-catcher. These nails do not glitter, but impress with a level luster, as if metal shimmers. The pointed gel nails are sprinkled with fine shimmering powder over the varnish layer and triturated with an applicator. Whether in gray, blue or in another favorite color, this design offers a great coloring game.

Gel Nails Edge Sharp French Colored

Another modern and fascinating variant of the pointed fingernails are the so-called edge nails. This filing technique is mainly due to the sharp edge that adorns the top of the nail tip. The fingernails look bent in length. This unique and special form can be reached by means of a solid gel or a tip extension. In order for this fascinating edge effect to be more effective, the nail tip must be pointedly filed. This presupposes, of course, a bit of a feeling for the fingertips, but you can do quite well with a little practice.

Neon Gel Nails Flowers Rhinestones

These trendy, pointed nails look fascinating with various patterns embellished. Lace gel nails in dark red with discreet, white, irregular patterns are present, feminine and striking. Floral patterns can also decorate your edge nails. Nageldesigns with flowers look tender, playful and romantic.

Edge Pointed Pink Gold Nails

The Gel Nails For Summer Design.

Another great summer design is the pointed neon gel nails. Neon blue, pin, gel or green – these colors give the nail tip a special charm and look fresh and modern. If the monochrome nails are too boring, geometrical forms, simple lines or golden accents can also create enchantingly beautiful nail polish tips.

Pink Glitter Lipstick Pointed

Perhaps a bit more striking are the lipstick nails. Whoever wants to shape his nails in this way does not have to worry about the design. This look can be easily achieved by just filing the sides of your nails and forming the nail tip diagonally obliquely. The result is a tip, one side of which is longer than the other. In order for this type, the asymmetrical effect to be effective, the nail bevel has to be very accurately filed.

Arrowhead Black Glitter Pointed

One of the latest nail shaping trends, with which you will surely pay attention, are the Arrow Head nails. In this filing technique, the side lines are just filed, while the nail tips are formed into an arrow tip, as the name suggests. Anyone who makes his jaws sharpened in this form should neither complete the transition to the tip for the nail tip itself.

Those of you who want to conjure up one of these special shapes and give your natural nails a sharp shape. there are some things that must be considered for a perfect manicure. In the first place, be careful not to cut your nails too far down, as they can easily tear there. Your nails must be straight on the sides. and only the free nail edge can be shaped as desired.

Nail Polish Good For Stilettos.

Red Gel Nails Mountain Peak Glitter

In order to make your nail polish clear. you should imagine the point where the tip is located. You can then begin to flip the pages from the finger to the tip. Fold the side lines as straight as possible. so that they look straight from the nail bed as viewed from the side. The length of your fingernails is also important for good looking stilettos. The nails have to have a certain length because extremely short nails can not be formed purely technically.

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