Gel Nails With Glitter Shapes – Techniques & Beautiful Ideas With Instructions


Nowadays, gel nails are indispensable. And when it comes to the Nail design, this also applies to the glitter, but it makes for attractive effects on the fingers. Nevertheless, care must be taken not to exaggerate.

In everyday life, too much of it can sometimes look tasteless. If you have decided to try out gel nails with glitter as a nail art, our tips on the topic could help you. Try it out and create an individual fingering design that will all be envious.


9. Gel Nail With Glitter – 2 Techniques

The special thing about the glitter is that it is offered in so many different colors. But not only that. Also, the different variants differ in how fine they are. Thus it is possible to work with particularly fine glitter as well as with coarser. Here, a small accent can be designed on each or a particular nail or the entire nail surface. How exactly you use the glitter with the gel, you will learn in the following.


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