Chinese Spa Gel Socks and Gloves For Foot Spa


Chinese spa gel socks and gloves wecan: is there any sense in them?

Chinese spa gel socks and gloves wecan

I have a new fun – reusable gel spa pedicure socks we can. And the same reusable gel gloves for food and moisture source. I bought them a couple of weeks ago and am now ready to give your honest feedback on this topic.

Apparently, when the hype around the sleeping Japanese socks for the pedicure that using acid peels to get rid of the heel of the dead rough skin (which is to say, get off the terrible pieces), they were replaced by reusable socks and gloves with gel impregnation.

It is not yet set clear their name in RuNet spa socks, gel socks, and gloves, socks impregnated with gel, for pedicure socks, silicone socks, socks and moisturizing gloves – in any case, it’s the name of one and the same product.

Naturally, you can order them on aliexpress, looking at the request «gel spa gloves and socks». Prices already went, so in general, you can buy in the store for the same cost. I bought once and socks and gloves in the Chinese store Tai Yan on Gogol (Novosibirsk) for 600 rubles. They’ve kind of discounts are usually only wear 600.

Boxes have normal; there is a Russian translation – the use of the composition and the manufacturer, so all well. And I read what Ali just comes in packages with no markings.

Sami socks and gloves made of bamboo fiber

Structure and first impression

Sami socks and gloves made of bamboo fiber and the composition of the gel impregnating (manufacturer assures that it is a natural spa-gel) is grape seed oil, vitamin E, jojoba oil, lavender oil, olive oil.

I do not think that all of this gel consists of natural oils. It feels like it’s just a silicone coating, smeared with a layer of oil. So the meaning of the gel impregnating the only effect of the sauna…

The first impression is pleasant – no explicit kitschily, smell nice (say it is lavender, but it smells a flower freshener), never sticking thread, gloves, and socks and neatly stitched ROV nen ko.

Foot Spa Gloves also ideal for people

Socks are well drawn; I think that at the feet of the size of up to 41 can safely take. Gloves also ideal for people, well, if you just do not graft 3-centimeter nails (though it is possible for them to make cuts)))

On the use of

The first time I wore socks after a spa bath for the feet. A bit strange sensations: since the gel socks, I feel the unusual softness. Walking in them is not convenient, so I put on socks for the night. But I must say that in the winter, I would have slept in peace, but the summers are hot. On the morning of her feet were wet and, within the gel layer socks too wet – not very nice to be honest.

Result: Before & After

Chinese spa gel socks and gloves Foot Spa Before & After

If we talk about the effect, the heels are not as dry – ie socks still working. I have a thick skin on the legs, which quickly thickens and turns into corns, therefore softening and moisturizing for me – a recurring theme. Well, here in the photo is a clearly visible difference, but the effect does not last long, in just a day and a half heel returned to its usual condition for them.

It seems to me that if lubricate the legs with a nourishing cream, wrap with cling film and put on top to wear, the effect is the same. So that the gel socks and gloves – it’s just a more expensive alternative, but without the hassle.

Moisturizing Gel Gloves

Wellness socks do not differ from the spa gloves: they have the same stuff, the same composition, the same smell.

Moisturizing Gel Gloves

Wear gloves gel was harder than the socks because of the gel coat bad slides. The effect is, in general, the same as with socks – not surprising: the skin becomes a little softer. But if you’re somewhere weathered hands that night in gel gloves will obviously benefit them. So I’ll leave them to fall and winter, in the summer they have a specific need.

Unpleasant only that gloved hands as sweat and soak, pull them – and they are steamed. And for quite some time on her hands smell of this gel impregnation.

I would put the gel spa socks and gloves 3 of 5: like anything wrong with them, she saw, but the effect is very mediocre. So if you have the extra money – buy them, they are pretty cute. And if not – there’s nothing to lose.

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