How To Get Rid Of Hair On The Arms? Waxing With Cold Wax Or Hot Wax

To have hair on the arms, it can very quickly complex. But fortunately, to avoid the problem of hair on the arms, there are many solutions. From bleaching cream to laser hair removal, an expert tells you how to get rid of arm hair that is too long or too dark.

Unfortunately, we girls are not all equal in the face of hair. Some are hairier than others. It’s the fault of no luck. Or rather, our hormones.

And most of all, some very hairy body parts are more visible than others. This is particularly the case of the arms more visible than the shirt every day, you will agree…

The hair on the arms, we do not talk about it and yet, many of us would like to get rid of it. Except that we do not immediately think of waxing. Arm hair too long or arms hair too dark: an Expert tells you how to have less hair (or at least less hair visible) on the arms.

Hair On The Arms: Shaving, Depilatory Cream Or Gel

Strongly, very strongly discouraged, the depilation with the razor or the depilatory cream is a solution too short term. Even if these techniques to get rid of hair on the arms are practical and easy, regrowth is much less convenient.

With the method of shaving, small pimples can appear, and the passage of the blade must be daily, at the risk of stinging strongly. The same with the depilatory cream. If you still opt for this technique, it will be rigorous.

Bleaching Cream To Erase Hair

This is the best option for all those who have visible hair on their arms and therefore dark, but not too many.

The bleaching cream is applied directly to dye the hair of the arms (or rather to discolor) on the skin and let it act for a few minutes.

Then you rinse thoroughly with cold water and instantly, the hairs that bother you will become almost invisible because they will have become blonde.

If you do not notice an allergic reaction to the formula, you can make the discoloration about every 2 to 3 months.

The Electric Epilator

You’ll understand: it’s not for the comforters. Far better than shaving provided you do not have sensitive skin, getting rid of hair on your arms with an electric epilator can be an alternative.

The hairs being totally torn off, the re-growth will be slower and the hair will weaken in case of strong hair to re-grow sparser after a few years!

The Wax To Wax Your Arms

The use of waxing is the most effective and above all the most durable solution in time. The hairs on the arms are torn from the root, the re-growth is, therefore, more slowly than you choose for cold wax or hot wax.

As we just said, for all the first time (and we always talk about hair removal!) It is better to use the expertise of a beautician in a salon. So waxing, if it’s a great first for you, go to the institute.

The hair on the arms: laser or pulsed light

The method to overcome arm hair remains permanent hair removal. But obviously, it’s not the same budget.

Whether you choose laser hair removal or pulsed light, it will cost you … an arm. Ok, the word game is average you are granted, but it’s true.

And since these techniques are expensive and are long, it is important to learn well before taking the plunge.

The permanent hair removal is perfect for brunettes with very fair skin. Only in this case will results match your expectations.

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