GIFTS FROM THE KITCHEN – These Food Ideas You Can Make Everyone Happy at Christmas


Are you looking for a Christmas present that comes from the heart, is personal, but doesn’t break your budget? 7 DIY gift ideas from your kitchen

For example this: Stressed last-minute shopping and overcrowded department stores canceled for you this year. No, not just because of Corona!

Because we provide you with creative gift ideas from the local kitchen, which you can make yourself for all your loved ones in a relaxed manner at home: from gingerbread liqueur to speculoos cream. This is how it becomes a delicious present!

GIFTS FROM THE KITCHEN - These Food Ideas You Can Make Everyone Happy at Christmas

Gifts from the kitchen are personal (er)

That’s why you’re making your loved ones happy this year with a small culinary gift. Homemade gifts generally have one big advantage: They come from the heart and tailored specifically to the recipient (and the occasion).

And instead of giving away unnecessary kitsch or (again!) A couple of socks for a lot of money, you prefer to make your mom, grandma, or girlfriend happy with a personal gift from your kitchen. That doesn’t end up as a dust catcher as it plastered straight away. (Isn’t there anything for your guy? Well then take a look here: The best gifts for men .)

Jams, liqueurs & Co.: DIY gifts with a heart

Which delicacies are particularly suitable as gifts? Many give away cookies and biscuits during the Advent season, so Christmas has to be something special.

(Winter) jams (with cinnamon, plum, mulled wine, etc.) are particularly popular, but also homemade pesto or chutney. Sauces spread, and liqueurs are also very easy to prepare and make a great gift idea. If you are a little more skilled in the kitchen, you can also try pralines or truffles.

What gifts can I give myself?

The key with the culinary gifts is that the effort is not too great – and neither is the gift itself. Because it must also be possible to pack and transport it. In addition, everything depends on your taste, and of course that of the recipient.

Need some inspiration? Here are 8 gifts from the kitchen to copy

1 – Stollen Confectionery

Anyone can buy a stud. A homemade stollen, on the other hand, is something very special, but too big as a “little goodie” to give away.

The solution: This Stollen confectionery from Jutta and Marie, the bloggers behind Kreativfieber.

Not because the mini stollen takes so long in the oven, but because the dough has to rise again and again. You can take advantage of the waiting time to make the gift bags. Or you can just bake these delicious low carb cookies!

2 – Gingerbread Liqueur

In addition to cinnamon pretzels and speculoos granola, we particularly impressed by this gingerbread liqueur.

Small spoiler: Nutella is one of the main ingredients! You have to try it!

3 – DIY Drinking Chocolate on a Stick

The Cup gave away at Christmas. These beautiful chocolates with winter spices on a stick from the blog Rheintopf are suitable as a small, matching goodie.

Simply melt the chocolate of your choice and bring the cream to the boil together with chili, cardamom, cinnamon, allspice & Co. Mix everything and fill in fruit gnome cups – done!

4 – Speculoos spread

With this speculoos cream, you will make those with a sweet tooth happy. In addition to jam and almond butter, it brings variety to the breakfast table.

The good thing: The Christmas spread made in a blender in no time and tastes good both in the morning on bread and spooned straight out of the glass. Laura’s blog TRYTRYTRY has a delicious recipe.

5 – Individual Chocolate

There is, even more, to discover on TRYTRYTRY: For all those who have two left hands in the kitchen but still want to surprise friends and family with something homemade, this homemade chocolate is ideal. Looks expensive and, above all, complex – but is super easy (and cheap).

Simply melt different chocolates in a water bath, place on a baking sheet with baking paper, and – while the mixture is still liquid – pimp with toppings of your choice. Wrap up nicely and the DIY chocolate is ready.

6 – Speculoos Truffles

We discovered these creamy biscuits and chocolate creations on Sarah’s blog for the holidays. The speculoos chocolate pralines consist of only 7 ingredients and are quick to make – but look good in a screw-top jar with a cord and a pretty label. The crushed biscuit crumbs provide an extra crunchy bite. Try out!

7 – Baked Apple Jam

Their many jams, jams & Co., but this fruit spread unique. Winter aromas of vanilla, cinnamon, and apple ensure that you bring the Christmas spirit right to the breakfast table. We have the recipe at Tanja’s blog House No. 15 found for you.

And how do you pack the things now? We have a few tips for that: 7 ideas for nicely wrapped gifts.

Homemade gifts from the kitchen are (not only) a real highlight at Christmas. Personal, unique, and then delicious: perfect!

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